Monday, June 20, 2016

Song of the Day: "Shout Part 1"

Chris Collingwood is the voice of Fountains of Wayne. I've long considered Adam Schlesinger to be its soul. I base this on Schlesinger's non-FOW output, a litany of magical, infectious pop music that has made me giddy and, a couple of times hit the heart of my deepest existential struggles

On the other hand, Collingwood is likely responsible for this. Everybody gets a ribbon!

The band parted ways and Collingwood's first post-FOW release, Look Park (produced by Mithcell Froom) coming soon. There's a suggestion in this article that collaborating with Froom was intended to yield a less pop sound.

Advantage: Schlesinger; he's not afraid to put sophisticated music into a pop music format. Which is teh aweSUM.

Song: "Shout Part 1"
Artist: Chris Collingwood

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