Friday, June 24, 2016

Hey America, Let's Get Some New Analogies!!!

L to R: Rep. John Lewis (D GA); some white dude;
Rep. Katherine Clark (D MA); Rep. Donna Edwards (D MD)
A quick annotation on a meme:

  1. They were protesting my right to own firearms, are you sure that's what they were doing? I mean, I know there's a bit of nuance in much of the public policy debate about gun violence and gun control, AND AMERICA DOES NOT LIKE NUANCE ONE BIT (unless it's covered in cheese sauce and comes with unlimited breadsticks, and even then we'd rather just have the cheeseburger), but come on. When House Republicans did this exact same fucking thing in 2008 was it called a protest against our right NOT to have oil drilled in the arctic reserve. They were worried about the soaring price of gas (and rightly so as gas went from $4.21 a gallon that year to $2.32 a gallon today), but deep down they just wanted a vote. That's all any of us wants, a motherfucking vote.
  2. This seems to be calling out some kind of hypocrisy but this aspect is logically consistent. If you are worried about mentally unstable people with firearms, you will protect yourself. Take it one step further: not only is the capitol building secured by armed guards, you also can't enter the building without passing through a metal detector. Isn't it actually hypocritical to advocate for no gun control and then have systems to keep those guns away from you?
  3. They are communists, and we know that because communists are bad and they are bad ergo they are communists. They are gun-grabbing because, while no one has made even the slightest move toward confiscating even the first gun, that sense of persecution makes the writer feel righteous. And they are babies who want to make us slaves. FOR FUCK'S SAKE, SLAVES?! Are you fucking kidding me? Dear white guy who wrote this. Rep. Lewis has endured more physical and psychological attacks than you ever will thanks, to the fact that you are a fucking white dude in the south who is bolstered by white male privilege that you will never acknowledge but trust me, as a white male who grew up in the south, I guarantee you benefit from every day. Calling him a baby speaks to either your cripplingly limited sense of history or your limited ability to form a cogent argument. Either way, fuck you. Baby. Oh, and make us their slaves... the dude who was involved in the transformational struggle to secure blacks their rights as Americans after a century after slavery of being treated like second class citizens after a century of treating them as ACTUAL FUCKING SLAVES isn't going in to make anyone a slave. Dammit, you know what, it is time for America to get some new analogies. Let's take a time out on "slavery" and "the Holocaust" and "Hitler".

I bet you $100 some white guy wrote that. Some white guy oblivious to what John Lewis went through 50 years ago and who doesn't actually comprehend that slavery was a real thing that happened to black people. He may have gone to my high school (prom theme: an evening at Tara [something that white kids would have enjoyed far more than the black kids, luckily there were no actual black kids at my high school]).

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