Friday, June 24, 2016

Forgotten Movies of Greatness: Avalon

It's a bit of a windy road that prompts me to post this. It involves Elizabeth Perkins, an actress I don't think much of, despite wanting to. Even confusing her with Elizabeth McGovern doesn't help.  And Weeds was totes overrated.

Avalon was fairly well received when released in 1990. It followed Diner and Tin Men in Barry Levinson's series of Baltimore period films, and earned 4 Oscar nominations. It was a one-two punch (with Music Box) at introducing me to the wonderful Armin Mueller-Stahl who would later earn an Oscar nomination for Shine (not bad for a white male).

Joan Plowright, Aidan Quinn and Elijah Wood are all great; two of them would go on to bigger and better, while Aidan would make Benny & Joon and disappear.

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