Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Song of the Day: "Winston Churchill's Boy"

My lackadaisical blogging continues. I couldn't keep up with SOTD even with having the Mercury Prize shortlist as a week+ cheat for songs. In years passed I would feature multiple songs even.

Yet here we are.

The prize has been announced (the winner is today's artist).

The song's title and opening lyrics allude to a speech given by Winston Churchill in 1940, as the UK prepared for a possible German invasion. Churchill first remarked "Never in the history of mankind has so much been owed by so many to so few" after a day watching RAF operations during the Battle of Britain. While rehearsing the speech on the way to deliver it someone asked about Jesus and the disciples.

The first sentence was changed to "Never in the field of human conflict...." and the speech, along with 3 from the Battle of France, is considered his "most stirring rhetoric."

Congrats to Benjamin Clementine whose At Least for Now won the 2015 Mercury Prize.

Song: "Winston Churchill's Boy"
Artist: Benjamin Clementine

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm Helping!

I am nothing if not helpful!

Today, Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement ("Trying to justify our own existence since 1972") sent out PDFs for posters that are super useful to recent transplants. But I felt like they didn't give enough of the right information.

So I helped!

Forgive my crude graphics skills. Maybe Santa will bring me an MS Paint tutorial for one of the many holidays that seem to cluster around the winter solstice for no apparent reason.

Note: sorry Tri-Met riders, maybe next year.

Original (PBOT & ONI)
Enhanced Version

Monday, November 23, 2015

Song of the Day: "Sound and Color"

Normally songs I hear used in commercials for Apple products I end up despising. Which could easily be the case with this track from Alabama Shakes. It's taken me a couple weeks to actually figure out who it is (I blame lack of quick Shazaming skills and little motivation to track it down).

Also the iPad Pro... it's a Surface.

Microsoft must be feeling pretty good about now.

Song: "Sound and Color"
Artist: Alabama Shakes

Song of the Day: "Nightlight"

I think I'm ready to acknowledge that Silversun Pickups make some awesome ass music, regardless of who I think they sound like.

Listening to the newish album now.

Song: "Nightlight"
Artist: Silversun Pickups

The Jerk Store Called...

So I got this email, like I do many emails, someone giving out my email address not realizing it's just a bit off from theirs.

Re: 2016 Bocce League test msg.


Pls. reply to let me know if you receive this msg., just making sure I have your email add. correct.

Roger / Diana Baldwin

Sometimes I write back simple notes, sometimes I write back with amusing notes. More often then not simply letting people know there's an error gets me in trouble. Which is weird since they started it. Here was my reply.

Click to embiggen

Now you've got to admit that shit is funny.

Well not if you're Roger Baldwin. His reply:
Gee, I apparently got incorrect info from someone about your email address, to which I'm truly sorry for bothering you with the prev. msg.! 
You 'apparently' have WAY too much time on your hands & must be some kind of an individual that I'm am thrilled with knowing you aren't / won't be associated with a bunch of people who like to have fun once in a while. A simple "Sorry Roger, but you must have the wrong address for me" would have been much more appealing to receive rather than the B. S. you elected to send below. 
Therefore, Take this msg. & shove it!
Roger Baldwin

Oh, snap. Or something.

My reply (because why would I leave well enough alone?):
Maybe you can find someone with a sense of humor to explain it to you.