Thursday, October 15, 2015

Song of the Day: "Restless"

How much do you need?
New New Order with shirtlessness in the video? How has this not already been a song of the day?

Song: "Restless"
Artist: New Order

Duets That Suck: "What are you trying to say Miss Thang?"

Duets: they can be teh aweSUM or they can suck. When the chemistry works (Queen & David Bowie; John Mellencamp & Meshell Ndegeocello; Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield) it is ah-MAY-zing. When the chemistry sucks... well, you get songs like this.

"It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Ever Gonna Be"/A. Hammond & D, Warren

"It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be" was on Aretha Franklin's largely forgettable 1989 Through the Storm album. It followed great pairings of her talent with Eurythmics ("Sisters are Doing It for Themselves") and George Michael (the pair won a Grammy for "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)"). It was written by hit makers Albert Hammond and Diane Warren. It was produced by Narada Michael Walden who produced Whitney's first 2 albums (filled with hits) and Aretha's Who's Zoomin' Who? and Aretha albums just before this. At the time they recorded this Whitney had won 2 Grammy awards and Aretha won another 47. The song was nominated for a Grammy probably because the best way to be nominated for a Grammy is to already have won a Grammy.

When all combined, the results was a big bag full of suck. Allmusic called it "an embarrassing failure for both Franklin and the previously pop-perfect Whitney Houston."

The video just combines footage from earlier videos from the two. No one made any effort except possibly whatever editor tried his or her hardest to make it look like the 2 could possibly have been performing at the same faux concert during some of the cuts.

The album is no longer in print... so at least there's that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Song of the Day: "Enter Sylvia Plath"

Belle & Sebastian "Enter Sylvia Plath"
bell jar
Say what you want about Sylvia Plath, her kitchen was always immaculate.

In addition to her literary works and legacy as an awful cook, Plath will be remembered for the phenomenon bearing her name: the Sylvia Plath effect. The theory is that poets are more prone to being cray cray than other creative types. Strangely enough the fact that they take poetry seriously is not one of the points considered as part of this theory.

A study conducted by the University of Kentucky Medical Center (go that thing they are!) concluded "female writers were found to be more likely to suffer not only from mood disorders, but also from panic attacks, general anxiety, drug abuse, and eating disorders. The rates of multiple mental disorders were also higher among these writers."

Yikes girls, do not take up poetry.

Only the summary continues "Although it was not explored in depth, abuse during childhood (physical or sexual) also loomed as a possible contributor to psychological issues in adulthood."

Oh that.

Here's a big gay Europop song from B to the S.

Song: "Enter Sylvia Plath"
Artist: Belle and Sebastian

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Flashback Song: "Rent"

Pet Shop Boys "Rent" lyrics
I'm having one of those non-linear mornings where I've gone from getting Belouis Some's second album (Belouis Some) via digital download. The disc was among the 80 or 90 that were stolen back in 1988 when  Becky and I lived on Monroe Drive near La Covina. 

How do we get from Belouis Some to Pet Shop Boys? 

C'mon it's not a huge leap.

Okay, work is calling, back to that thing.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Song of the Day: "Anna"

There's a lot going on with this song and video:it's got Emma Stone starring in it (and dancing); it's got dancing choreographed by the dude who did the "Chandelier" video, which was a thing; it was filmed on the Queen Mary (not the Queen Mary 2: Electric Boogaloo); it's from a dude from Arcade Fire. Let's address each of these in reverse order.

Yes, the song is from a solo album from a member of Arcade Fire but so what? At any given moment there are about 256,000 members of Arcade Fire spread across North America. You know how the lottery will sometimes remind people to check their old tickets because there's still an unredeemed grand prize about to expire? The Canadian government now reminds people to check their belongings so they know if they might be a current member of Arcade Fire.

Yes, the video was filmed on the Queen Mary but so what? You know what else was filmed on the Queen Mary? He's Just Not That Into You. I know, right.

Yes, the dancing in the video was choreographed by Ryan Heffington and it is adorable! You expected me to be jaded some more didn't you? You're so cynical.

And yes, OMG Emma Stone, she's adorable. I think Emma may be more America's Sweetheartier than Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock or Kate Jackson. Think about that for a minute... Kate Jackson.

Song: "Anna"
Artist: Will Butler