Monday, September 28, 2015

Song of the Day: "Hot Scary Summer"

Villagers "Hot Scary Summer"
I've been a fan of Villagers since their 2010 debut Becoming a Jackal was short listed for the Mercury Prize. They lost to The xx.

Their second album (Awayland) was short listed for the Mercury Prize in 2013. I also liked that album although probably not nearly as much as the first. They lost to James Blake.

Will their third, Darling Arithmetic, earn a third short list spot? If so to whom will they lose this year? My guess is Laura Marling but you never know.

Regardless, the music is still great if you like that sort of music, and, AND, they're opening for Paul Weller on Thursday night so score. But I have to correct the record. They are not, in fact, Scots. They're Irish. Which is apparently different.

Song: "Hot Scary Summer"
Artist: Villagers