Saturday, September 19, 2015

Song of the Day: "Perth"

The dude from Beirut had a bit of a breakdown after an Australian show a couple of years ago. This song is about that and NOT a cover of Bon Iver. Which is why I'm posting it and not making fun of it.

Song: "Perth"
Artist: Beirut

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cunt du Jour: Kim Davis

You probably think I'm lazily getting around to this as certainly her earlier behavior merited the title Cunt du Jour. Maybe and maybe.

Or maybe her anger, venom and continuing to impede the rights of same sex couples in Rowan county, Kentucky just yesterday really made it obvious that this woman is proud to make her cuntiness a big part of the debate moving forward.
“Any unauthorized license that they issue will not have my name, my title or my authority on it. Instead it will have a stamp that says ‘issued pursuant to a Federal court order.’”--Kim Davis, CDJ 9/14
She said this with such scorn that I realized she actually thinks the same sex couples of Rowan county want to see her name on their license. That somehow withholding her name was one more slight she could toss in.

But shortly after that she says that she doubts the validity of licenses without her signature.

Which means that she is continuing to interfere with the rights of same sex couples in Rowan county. So we are back to 2 weeks ago. No lessons, no hugging but 100% martyrdom and righteous indignation.

I wonder if Kim Davis's faith teaches her about anything else but same-sex marriage?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Forgotten Movies of Greatness: Once Were Warriors

It is a fair criticism that my Forgotten Movies of Greatness all seem to be movies that I saw during their original release, in theaters, like some kind of movie buff and not, say, curmudgeonly glancing up from his phone to catch a handful of scenes as they play out via Netflix on the living room TV... so late 80s through 9/11. Did 9/11 stop my movie buffing?!

No, buying a house, growing older, deeper antipathy for others did, those are your real killers. Them and OJ Simpson, of course.

Once Were Warriors is an awkwardly titled powerhouse of a movie. It is difficult to watch but so rewarding. It has a "fresh" rating of 94% from Rotten Tomatoes and was named the Best New Zealand Film of All Time by a 2014 poll of New Zealanders (or "Aussies" as they are sometimes known).

Rena Owen and Temuera Morrison are amazing, truly amazing, in this movie. Owen's performance, in particular, was worthy of an Oscar. And, AND, Morrison is fucking Jango Fett. Think about that for a minute, nerd.

Owen is Nee Alavar and if you really are a nerd you know exactly who that is. I, however, do not. But there was a link so now I do (spoiler alert: I don't think there's an action figure).

Depressing as hell, but oh so rewarding.

Song of the Day: "Say Love"

I first met JoJo back in 2000 when a friend of mine had... a procedure done and because I am everyone's awesome friend and when asked "can I do anything for you" he didn't hesitate to give me a shopping list. Chicken strips and Jo Jo from the Freddie's deli. She didn't say much.

She crossed my path again in 2011 when she provided the perfect response of Drake's magical "Marvins Room"--"Can't Do Better" wound up at #21 on that year's singles list.

And now she's back again, this time with another song and some ranch dipping sauce. American loves its ranch dipping sauce (but really it's just ranch salad dressing, why does everyone think it's something special?).

Song: "Say Love"]
Artist: JoJo