Saturday, June 20, 2015

Song of the Day: "See You Again"

Paul Walker, R.I.P.
The song's not new but I'm posting it as a reminder for me, at the end of the year, for potential inclusion on my singles list.

The song poignantly ends Furious 7, providing a sweet goodbye to handsome movie star Paul Walker who died from a tragic case of irony before ever having sex with me (or even near me--although I can't be sure, some places are really dark).

Jason Statham, call me
I'm sure there will be an eighth film (seven was the most successful yet and based on the trailers I saw, I nearly saw it in the theater) and, if they'd like, I can give them a script for a two movie finale wherein the fast and the furious team up to avenge Walker's character's off screen death. I only ask for 0.3% of the worldwide gross for box office, video, games and all other future media use of the intellectual property original to the movies. And since they've had fun with the movie titles (the fifth was Fast 5, this on Furious 7) my other demand is they call the next movies And 8 and 9 The. But that's negotiable.

Also I can probably go down to 0.25% of gross.

The song, co-written by performers Khalifa (not the name of a urinary tract infection) and Charlie Puth with 2 others is a easily a contender for a nomination for next year's Oscars (those being the Oscars awarded for 2015 movies). I'm sure Randy Newman also has another Farrell's Ice Cream Parlors commercial song in contention as well... or 5.

Song: "See You Again"
Artist: Wiz Kalifa/Charlie Puth

Forgotten Movies of Greatness: Undercover Brother

Why isn't this movie playing annually on some lesser holiday, like President's Day or Norwegian New Year? I searched the series of tubes (not a dump truck since at least 2006) for the scene where Denise Richards's character refers to Aunjanue Ellis's character as Tanja with a hard J sound instead of Tanya or Tonya like it clearly should be pronounced because English is a stupid language. In watching a couple of scenes I was reminded of how brilliantly it celebrated and satirized blaxploitation and traditional spy movies.

And I can honestly proclaim that Denise Richards has never been better. Except possibly on 30 Rock.

The "black people be driving like this, white people be driving like that" comedy actually feels current. Perhaps that's symbolic of how little our society has developed in terms of racial understanding. Perhaps that's symbolic of how little I've developed in terms of racial understanding (sadly I lack black friends [I haven't talked to longtime college friend Val in at least 10 years and I don't consider my neighbor Lynn to be a friend--and how black is she if her name is Lynn?] and living in Portland I'm not likely to make any, that's just science).

Oh and Neil Patrick Harris is so cute as a white guy!

Actually the entire cast is great, even Chris Kattan. Not "especially Chris Kattan" but even...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Song of the Day: "My Loving"

If it were 1998, or possibly 2003, there's no way this track from Mary J. Blige's The London Sessions wouldn't rule the clubz (yes, with a z). I mean, sure, she'd take a back seat to "Nobody's Supposed to be Here" and "It's Not Right (But It's Okay)" but third isn't the worst. In the Olympics you get a pretty ribbon and jewelry for third.

The London Sessions is a remarkably self-indulgent album and I don't really care. It's filled with interstitial commentary from her writing and producing partners on the album THAT LITERALLY CALLS HER A GODDESS. Lyrically she wants to be both struggling and a survivor, contender and queen.

And I don't care.

Because she sings the shit out of these songs and one day Crystal Pepsi is gonna take to the stage and rock "Therapy" or some other track. And then you'll understand.

You puny mortals.

Song: "My Loving"
Artist: Mary J. Blige