Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Change Partners

Maybe it was the ass kicking in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Maybe it was the kindness of colleagues who looked out for me. Maybe it was being really good at baking pie charts.

Regardless, my bakery had run out of orders and I needed a new gig. And I found one. And it's perfect for me. Or as close to perfect as I could expect in this age. And I'm perfect for it.

I was dreading the hunt. Being nice to people, explaining who I am and why I'm bothering them. Explaining what I want to be when I grow up and the career cul de sac.

Everything went amazingly well. Each conversation was better than the last. Their offer was damn good. I start May 1.

The change means leaving this last year behind for good. In retrospect it feels as much a sabbatical as endeavor. Hindsight has given me a litany of things to think about but nothing really to regret. I'm disappointed that friends are faced with the hunt and I hope the kindness of colleagues can assuage that too.

This song's lyrics portray a relationship of betrayal. I endured nothing remotely bad, but I do love this song. I liked what we had but I love what I'm getting, so hooray for me.