Thursday, March 19, 2015

Notes on Kingsman: The Secret Service

Talented newcomer
Taron somebody
I've been having a shit week month couple of months. The things that stress me most are stressing me more and Plan A didn't work out. Nor Plan B. And I'm worried that C, D and E are also... well, no spoilers. Wait and see.

So it was somewhat therapeutic for me to see Colin Firth tear apart a proxy for the Westboro Baptist Church in Kingsman: The Secret Service (punctuated by "Free Bird" only made it a richer experience). The movie is a dizzying comic book bursting out from a movie screen, filled with cartoon-ishly extreme violence and a body count of 926,282.

Also Mark Hamill is in this movie.

And the soundtrack includes KC & the Sunshine Band's best track (which was technically released by KC but whatever, it's "Give It Up" and it's great) along with Rob Zombie, Bryan Ferry and the Knack (and many more, like Sir David Bowie and Take That, so take that lesser movie soundtracks).

Mark Strong, under-
utilized in this movie
The movie's cast is great with solid work from Samuel L. Jackson (at this point in his career I feel like he's reached iconic status and should be just "Samuel L." or something like a Barbra or Dionne or Frank but that's not important now), Michael Caine and Colin Firth showing us an amazing James Bond that never was. Actors Mark Strong, Jack Davenport, Nicholas Banks, Tom Prior and the absolutely stellar Taron Egerton-all new to me (or my lack of memory)-did great work as well.

There are a couple of females in the movie but it's okay, they don't ever talk to each other.

This is director Matthew Vaughn's follow-up to the fantastic X-Men: First Class and it's making me realize I really need to watch Layer Cake.

Come awards season I can't see this being remembered. The effects are intentionally cartoon-y which I doubt will match upcoming summer blockbusters which leaves editing or adapted screenplay as dark horse options.

Now enjoy the talented Taron someone in a great scene from the movie.