Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another sport-related post

It's always sport, sport, spores with me. The relevant deets are here. Enjoy the pic.
L: Chris Evans, possibly photo shopped on my torso; R: Chris Pratt

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Notes on Boyhood and TIWILY

I suppose knocking out This is Where I Leave You first is easiest: nicely polished, well acted but I don't see it winning any of the Oscars for which it was not nominated. Done.

Now on to the highly acclaimed Boyhood, which has to be considered among the front-runners for the Oscars. I think Patricia Arquette has done a good job of positioning herself to win the Supporting Actress category, solidifying 1 win. I can't see Ethan Hawke overcoming J.K. Simmons (and/or Ed Norton) so 1-1.

I think there's a lot of love for Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Transglobal Express Hotel and Birdman (as there should be cause Birdman motherfucking rules) and it's possible to celebrate the acclaimed filmmakers responsible for each since Richard Linklater, Wes Anderson and Alejandro Iñárritu all share in their respective film's Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay nominations as well as being nominated for Best Directing. A split vote where each movie wins 1 of those 3 nominations yields Oscars to all 3 men (and YES of course they're men, it's the Oscars not the Lady Oscars or the Oscars for Girls). Birdman feels like it's close to snapping up the Original Screenplay category. Having not seen Budapest I can't really say whether Austinite A or Austinite B will win but I will say the Selma snub (if you can call not nominating it in any substantive way at all a snub--I think The Blindside received more Oscar respect) may trigger a guilt vote for Selma to win BOTH its nominations (despite the history suggesting otherwise) and leaving Wes Anderson relatively unawarded. Wes Anderson seems to deliver the same motif movie after movie (a motif that's rich in style and much adored by fans) while Richard Linklater... doesn't. He continues to make movies that are thoughtfully innovative and the entire blueprint for Boyhood is an exemplar for that. I just wish it had been better. Damn it, it bugs me that much of the movie comes off like a Lifetime Original Movie about moms who make poor mating choices. But the thrill of the conclusion, of Mason Jr. as a man, redeems so much of that. But not all. I don't know if Budapest has depth or will just play out like another twee Anderson romp. Which makes me inclined to see Linklater winning for Best Directing and not for Original Screenplay.

The movie lacks any showy editing so I'm calling Best Editing for American Sniper or The Imitation Game. That's 2-3 on the nominations.

Which brings us to Best Picture. The movie itself seems too flimsy for this category. I can't think of a more polite way to frame that. The gimmick is genius but plays out on a Lifetime Original recipe. That plus Selma = I don't see Boyhood winning Best Picture (short of declaring a winner).

Still 2 wins out of 6 nominations is still as respectable as, say, winning Best Original Song and Best Picture when only nominated in those 2 categories.