Friday, December 11, 2015

Song of the Day: "One Kind of Love"

Brian Wilson and Scott Bennett picked up a Golden Globe nomination for "One Kind of Love" from Love & Mercy, the biopic of Brian Wilson. Like most of this year's most acclaimed films, I have not seen it.

The song, which hearkens a bit toward "God Only Knows" with its orchestration (not a bad place to go, mind you), could earn Wilson an Oscar. UPDATE: no it can't; the Academy released a list of the 72 songs eligible for nominations and "One Kind of Love" was ruled ineligible.

I've long felt like it's "See You Again"'s award to lose this year, and still feeling that. A couple years after James Bond films got their first Original Song Oscar, The Fast & the Furious franchise could do the same.

Also it turns out the song from Ted 2 is eligible.

Song: "One Kind of Love"
Artist: Brian Wilson

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