Friday, December 4, 2015

Song of the Day: "I Can't Lose"

Songs of the day through the end of the year are likely to be a melange of singles that I want to ensure I remember for my best of list and stuff that I'm finding now. While this is a few months old, it works for both.

Is Mark Ronson the man?

Fuck yes! Just compare this and this. Case closed.

When Mark Ronson wanted a "young Chaka Khan" to sing on this song (OMG OMG OMG brilliant TV idea #47,708 The Young Chaka Khan Mysterie" [similar to this]) and, when no one came to mind they weren't going to settle for merely asking other people for ideas. "We’re going to drive down to the South, we’re going to call it the Mississippi Mission, and go to the churches," they said which is probably mildly racist or some other microaggression involving stereotyping the young Chaka Khans of the world as living in the south and/or singing in churches. I bet they're in Illinois and Maryland and Arizona as well.

Regardless of whether the effort was needed to find a singer who fit the suit, Ronson totally did with Keystone Lite Keyone Starr. Starr had been a fixture singing on campus at Jackson State University (go tigers!). And somehow Ronson's YCK-dar (it's like gaydar except you can sense the presence of young Chaka Khans [Chakas Khan?]) took him directly to her.
"She just looked so badass. I remember thinking: it would be awesome if this one could sing really great,"--Mark Ronson
Lucky for Starr that she looks badass. It's like Ronson doesn't even understand the point of The Voice: that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton shouldn't have to hide their love that looks don't matter if really hot singers like your voice in blind auditions. It's why the entire show is done without people seeing the contestants... oh, sorry.

Once in your looks will actually be held against you, even if only subconsciously.

So Keystone Lite Keyone Starr would totally have won The Voice. And Mark Ronson should learn to ask others for ideas (it's like he didn't know a good taco place in the city so he decided to drive to Mexico).

Song: "I Can't Lose"
Artist: Mark Ronson/Keyone Starr

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