Saturday, December 5, 2015

Seasonal Selections: "Do They Know It's Christmas" 2014 version

Once upon a time there was a man who was inspired to do something for others. That man was Bob Geldof those others were starving Africans. and that thing he was inspired to do was to ensure that Paul Young would annoy Eric until the end of his life. So he gathered a ragtag group of musicians and created the first mega-charity event (if you totally ignore things like the MDA telethon). It launched a million knockoffs, like "We Are the World (if by world you mean the 27 states that all of us are from)" and that other song, the one with all the people. And the one about the well. We sent our love down the well.

All the way down!

Once the Africans stopped dying of starvation they started dying from AIDS. So thanks a lot Bob Geldof, you've given Africans AIDS.

Ho ho ho.

Oh, and then 30 years later someone thought "I want to be famous longer" and decided to remake it. And then Bono arrived. And here we are.

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