Friday, December 11, 2015

Fashion Trends be Damned

Athleisure: it's a thing that is now a word in the dictionary. There's nothing I can do about today.

But this is a good opportunity to learn a more useful word: portmanteau. A portmanteau fuses 2 (or more?) words together. Spork (spoon and fork) and infomercial (informational commercial) are both good examples. I'm sure you can think of others, but go ahead and keep those to yourself. Athleisure is a fusion of athletic and leisure wear, and is the fanciest way I can think of to say sweats.

Of course not everyone uses that term. 
But Julie Igarashi, the vice president for global designs for Nike women’s training, who is presumably something of an expert in clothing worn for exercise, sees it differently. “We don’t use the terminology ‘athleisure’ at all,” she said. “It’s not in our vocabulary. We talk about ‘How do we layer silhouettes and colors and prints for the most holistic approach?’ But not that.”--NY Times
You may not find athleisure palatable, but it's far superior to "how do we layer silhouettes and colors and prints for the most holistic approach." That's awful.

That's not even the point of this post!!! 

The point of this post has to do with a highlighted analysis by business professionals who have put a lot of time, money and effort into determining that there's nowhere for the athleisure business to go but up! The actual analysis provides justification but you're not going to read it.

The fashion industry is built around a culture of enduring looks that never change, so this makes total sense. Sorry, I'm told that is not correct and that the fashion industry is just a series of trends and knock-offs which is why you don't see a lot of paisley or over-sized hip hop-style jeans like you once did. I'm sure their graphs looked much like this one.

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