Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ted 2: Electric Boogaloo

First, the movie isn't as accomplished or inspired as the first Ted.

Second, the movie is still funny as shit.

Third, Amanda ("I'm 26") Seyfried continues to have the best agent in Hollywood. Seriously, how does she get cast in so many movies? She brings nearly nothing to them. In Ted 2, honestly, it's the Golem joke. 

Hey, let's smoke pot in my law firm office in a swanky office building where the air is all recirculated and no one without a nose will ever notice. Shit. At least make the location some older building with windows that still open. Realism people! I expect it in my movies about teddy bears that can curse and cry.

What's great about this movie? 
  • The continued high level of stoner jokes, dick jokes, Bostonians are awful people jokes (oh, no pun on "high" and "stoner") and the glowing balls of Tom Brady. 
  • Also the choreography of the opening credits, by Rob Ashford. If that was an Oscar category, this would be a solid contender for a nomination. 
  • Michael Dorn and Patrick Warburton, introduced solely for the pay-off of them dressed as their characters of Worf and the Tick in the finale.
  • Jessica Barth as Ted's loving wife Tami-Lynn. As casual as Marky Mark is chatting up the bear, Barth has to kiss the bear.

Any Oscar nominations for this movie? Unlikely. I don't think "Mean Old Moon" was an original song but if it is, potentially there.

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