Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Notes on the Creative Arts Emmys

Or as Kathy Griffin renamed them, the Shmemmys. These are largely technical categories (camera work, sound, editing) presented a week or so before the televised Emmy awards, but they include a few categories that normal people would be interested in (and here I'm being charitable by asserting that normal people would be interested, I just do this to make myself feel better about this fetish of mine) so let's talk about those.


Fucking finally.

Harry Shearer finally won an Emmy for his work on The Simpsons. He went decades without even a nomination (while all the other regular cast members and multiple guests have won). And his work is fucking great, don't even try to play ATAS's bitch by saying "well maybe the quality of his work, relative to his peers, wasn't as substantial" or some shit. Go back to sucking dicks. And congratulations to Harry.

And to a lesser extent, fucking finally... Bill Maher, whom I appreciate more than I genuinely like, won his first Emmy. After 33 nominations. He was, until Saturday night, the losing-est man in television. Not counting David Caruso. Maher won as a producer (or exec producer) of HBO's Vice.

Congratulations to Bob's Burgers which won Best Animated Series for the "Mazel Tina" episode. It's not the episode I would have submitted but then I don't have a TV show where my ability to make this decision would actually pay off somehow. Of course neither do you (probably).

Congratulations to Jimmy Fallon and Allison Janney for winning their third and fifth Emmys respectively (Guest Actor in a Comedy for hosting SNL; Guest Actress in a Drama for Masters of Sex). I don't watch Masters of Sex, but I never tire of this...

Congratulations to Uzo Aduba ("Crazy Eyes") and Joe Morton for winning Guest Actress in a Comedy (Orange is the New Black) and Guest Actor in a Drama (Scandal), respectively. I'm been a fan of Morton's since 1984 when he starred in John Sayles's The Brother From Another Planet, and I've enjoyed Aduba in the few episodes I've seen of OITNB. I was going to write something about how his path to an Emmy took 30 years while her's took 30 minutes but honestly she may have worked in obscurity for a while, as a black actress it's not like I'd see her on TV much.

For the third year in a row, the opening number of the Tony Awards won the Best Original Music & Lyrics Emmy. "Bigger" puts Tom Kitt (a Tony winner for Next to Normal) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (a Tony and Grammy winner for In the Heights) both one step closer to EGOT.

The high visibility categories air next Monday at John's house. No spoilers please.