Monday, September 1, 2014

Grandpa goes to a rock show (or two)

Hey, how's your summer? Mine's kinda downbeat. I feel like it ended better than it began, so that's a plus. People having babies, people going crazy, people getting outta jail, people having trouble installing very heavy cast iron sinks. We are seeking professional help on that last one.

The kitchen is nearly mostly done. Hopefully a plumber can finesse the sink in and get all the hoses happy and working together and we can start washing dishes in the new dishwasher. And maybe even using the garbage disposal.

A quick aside: is there a day of the week that Tosh.0 is ever not on? What a piece of shit...

None of this is what I intended to write about. As the Summer of George of Rich concludes (or begins to conclude) we have 2 rock shows I haven't written about. A month or so ago it was The Hold Steady and Friday night it was The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo). Both nights had great opening acts: Cheap Girls and Telekinesis. Add Horse Thief from last winter's Stornoway show and I've been lucky to see some great new bands as opening acts this year.  I'll see Cymbals Eat Guitars open for Bob Mould,  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (whom I know and like) open for The New Pornographers and possibly no one opening for The Avett Brothers (which is, on its own, becoming a whole thing I'd rather just skip, but more on that later).

Cheap Girls, they rocked. I bought their CD.

The Hold Steady, they rocked. I don't think I've experienced such unbridled enthusiasm in a live show in forever. This was a band that was giddy to be performing. Rock on!

Telekinesis, they fucking rocked. I bought the 1 CD they had left and paid for 2 more today. Ted Leo came out to cover INXS's "Don't Change" and it was fucking awesome. The band is from Seattle even though half its members live in Portland and I want to see them again soon. Seriously fucking loved them.

The Both... they, um, performed well. It was the fourth or fifth time I've seen Aimee Mann live and it was the least of those shows. They played pretty much every song they recorded as The Both which meant they only did 3 or 4 tracks from each's individual career.  And stretch things out with ironic chatty stuff (my first Aimee Mann show included husband Michael Penn and comedian David Cross to talk in lieu of either musician).

Ted Leo is a Tolkien enthusiast.

So much so that he quoted the introduction to The Hobbit.

I'd have rather heard another track from The Brutalist Bricks.

Or another INXS cover.

I did not need to hear "Voices Carry" again. So I didn't.

And thus concludes rock shows in review.

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