Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Notes on the Emmys

This will make for a remarkably easy Emmys recap. In nearly every category that was presented last night, the winner was a previous winner, often in the same category and for that show. Allison Janney's sixth Emmy for Mom is a new category win for her (since Mom was a new show last season she couldn't be expected to have a prior win); it was her second Emmy in ten days. Kathy Bates's win for American Horror Story: Coven was her first for that show (possibly her first season on the show).

Because nearly everyone who won is someone who previously won there are no EGOT standings to update. First time winners Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are likely (Benedict moreso than Martin) to pick up more EGOT letters in the future. Cumbie cockblocked Matthew Macwhatever's attempt to build on his Oscar, so there's that.

As a Libra I'm both disappointed and relieved that Larry Kramer didn't win for adapting his play The Normal Heart. I'm sure he would have torn some folks a new asshole or 2, but on the other hand maybe Larry can just take a break. I know he'd have plenty of moral high ground to point out my years of comfort and complacency only exist because he worked so hard. It's true. But you've got the rest of your life to be a martyr, so maybe take a night off.

Is Gwen Stefani an idiot? Her inability to pronounce The Colbert Report did provide one of the funniest acceptance speeches of the evening. And kudos to Stephen Colbert and the folks at the show for another win before they close the books on one of the most fantastic shows that will ever be. I'm more than a little sad.

I wonder if Jon Hamm will ever win an Emmy. Maybe when he's 73.

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e. said...

Hamm had some fantastic episodes this season, most notably Waterloo and The Strategy. His scene with Moss at the end of The Strategy is stellar, and rewards the audience after several seasons of dramatic tension between those two characters. You probably don't watch Mad Men, so don't care about this comment. But his work was excellent (as was hers).