Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Songs of the Day: "Cycle/Morning"

Erin's enthusiasm for Morning Phase has me listening to Beck in earnest this morning. It's a companion album to 2002's Sea Change which is obvious as fuck the minute you bother to type those words.

What's not obvious as fuck, at least not to me until I was well into this post, is how much I appear to be needing a downbeat record like this.

Or maybe my eyes are all watery from the fucking seasonal allergies. YOU DON'T KNOW ME! (Except for those of you who do.)

It's difficult for me to hear this song and not think "mourning" when he sings "morning." But I'm sure that's just me. He's all happy and peppy and bursting with love, just JP Morgan style. Subtle pop culture reference, for the win.

Songs: "Cycle/Morning"
Artist: Beck