Sunday, March 16, 2014

Song of the Day: "Love Don't Die"

"Is there a minimum musical threshold one must meet to earn a berth as song of the day?" some of you are probably possibly asking.

It is an abstract melange of qualities, any one of which might grant the coveted spot. One of them, apparently, does John find your band fuckable.  Which is how we get to The Fray but I have to believe John hasn't really seen Kings of Leon. Kings of Leon > The Fray.  And in the interest of fairness:

The Fray
Kings of Leon
Fuckability*: The Wanted > Kings of Leon > The Fray > The Avett Brothers

Musical talent: The Avett Brothers > Kings of Leon > The Fray > The Wanted**

Your respective mileages may vary. Get your own blog if you disagree!

Song: "Love Don't Die"
Artist: The Fray

* This is my estimate for John's rating. I'd probably put KoL ahead of The Wanted. [UPDATE: Okay, not any more but since I found pics that I could fit the way I want I'm not changing band references. John would go for The Fray ahead of KoL.]

** Or maybe not, The Wanted are totally tribal. I don't think The Fray can claim that.

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