Saturday, March 15, 2014

Song of the Day: "I Luh Ya PaPi"

The thing I'm most amused by with respect to this video is not the gratuitous beefcake. I mean, sure, you can tell Easter is coming based on the basket above but generally speaking there's too much sameness to these guys. A little too epiladied. 

I won't say no, I just won't rearrange my schedule much.

No, it's not that obvious element. Nope, it's the convention where the video begins with someone pitching the video's star on how the video concept will play out. Phil Collins and Christine McVie did it 20 years ago (although without the beefcake). Still worth watching.

And fuck yeah, my memory. I was sure McVie did a video like this and was freaked out that the hit single ("Got a Hold on Me") from this album (Christine McVie) wasn't the video I was sure existed. But it does, it's just this far more obscure second single... and here we are.

I haven't actually listened to this Jennifer Lopez song all the way. It's only fair, I don't think she had that much to do with what is heard here.

Hey look, more dudes from the video...
Touch it, it gets bigger

Song: "I Luh Ya PaPi"
Artist: Jennifer Lopez

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