Saturday, December 21, 2013

Song of the Day: "Call Me Up"

Remember how we all used to love Shelby Lynne? It was after calico bible college freshman Shelby, before Daisy Dukes ass cheeks Shelby.

For a brief moment she was brilliant, like Lauryn Hill or Amy Winehouse (and we know how things turned out for them).

OMG they all won the Best New Artist Grammy. That wasn't even where I was going with that, but fuck, coincidence? Probably.

Still, this new "I wanna sound just like Brandi Carlisle" Shelby is the best I've heard her sound in a long time. Hopefully she can get some traction here while avoiding incarceration and early death. I'd like that for myself.

Song: "Call Me Up"
Artist: Shelby Lynne

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Song of the Day: "Two Weeks Late"

Ashley Monroe... have no idea how I ran across this (someone's year end list) but I like it enough to include it here and to encourage all y'all to give me credit for discovering her later, when you're over whatever that hit single of hers is.


Song: "Two Weeks Late"
Artist: Ashley Monroe

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Song of the Day: "Starlet"

Matt Pond, formerly of matt pond PA (and still, presumably, from PA) has a new video from a track off the The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand which might be his first solo album or might just be his tenth full length album.

It's a great track and it's going to get the first "singles" label for the 2013 crop (unless I did one months ago to ensure I didn't forget... I may have forgotten but when I click the thing for the label the safety net will work... it will).

Song: "Starlet"
Artist: Matt Pond

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Song of the Day: "Song for Zula"

This track from Phosphorescent, and the album it's on, are making year end best of lists. Which is why we're here...

Song: "Song for Zula"
Artist: Phosphorescent

Song of the Day: "Team"

I almost posted Lorde's "Royals" as a SOTD early this summer based on an enthusiastic description of the song by My Old Kentucky Blog only to find myself unmoved when I listened to it. Not so much cold as acrylic, I just didn't take to it. Since the Grammy nominations were announced, Lorde's exclusion from the Best New Artist list is the most cited snub--she should be grateful since Arrested Development, Evanescence and Shelby Lynne are not the most egregious punchlines I could have used regarding that award, and this likely will guarantee her a win for at least one of her 3 nominations. That song, being totally fucking ubiquitous, has grown on me a bit. The way Sleighbells grew on me, after annoying the fuck out of me the first 13 or 80 times I heard it (to be fair, Sleighbells annoyed the fuck out of me; Lorde was just a big acrylic "meh").

Anyway, there's a quality to the music that reminds me of the things I love about Miley this year and it probably has something to do with an emotional isolation but let's pretend it's because they're both young girls, that way I don't have to contemplate the emotional connection thing this early in the morning.

And by including this here I'm helping ensure Lorde gets at least some consideration when I start the 2013 singles recap listening thingy... as one does.

Song: "Team"
Artist: Lorde

Yes I AM hysterical...

This is funny cause Shia is dating Edward Snowden

Monday, December 16, 2013

Song of the Day: "Mine"

OMG OMG OMG WTF?! I got knocked on my ass on Tuesday and didn't come up until Saturday afternoon. A respiratory thing and exhaustion, blammo.

And, AND, Beyonce, new album, out of nowhere.

Take that last week.

Go fuck yourself last week.

And you omens, clear out. Nothing to see here. Christmas is coming, go away for a few weeks. Come back in January.

Hey, here's a track from Beyonce, with Drake.

Song: "Mine"
Artist: Beyonce/Drake

Song of the Day: "Losing Days"

Thematically linked to last week, sure. Also an album I am flat out loving from 2013.

Frank Turner. Not Black, not Ocean.


Song: "Losing Days"
Artist: Frank Turner