Saturday, June 8, 2013

Song of the Day: "Blissed Out"

I'm not sure who Patrick Baker is or how I ran across him, but on this oh-too-sunny day it doesn't matter. If you've been wishing George Michael would get over all his bullshit and make a great pop record again, this might help.

Song: "Blissed Out"
Artist: Patrick Baker

One of these things is not like the others

From "natural shampoo"

The center item

Friday, June 7, 2013

Song of the Day: "A Major Award"

The last song of the day for today comes from A Christmas Story The Musical and isn't really the full song, but get over yourself because Liz Callaway.

Is that Liz Callaway? I'm not actually sure. That doesn't look like Tom Woppat but I'm wrong all the time.

Maybe that's John Bolton.

Weird. What's Tom Woppat in?

UPDATE: Apparently I don't know how to spell Wopat.

Song: "A Major Award"
Artist: Cast of A Christmas Story The Musical

Song of the Day: "Revolting Children"

Ryan Gosling,
not currently naked
in my basement
I would love for Cyndi Lauper to see EGOT realized but Matilda's critical acclaim seems to suggest its 12 nominations will trump Kinky Boots's 13, and Cyndi is likely to lose to Tim Minchin. Matilda won more Oliviers than Olivier himself, although didn't Billy Elliot also do that and yet its sucky music lost to Next to Normal because must we continue with this charade Elton John?


I am still pushing for her to play Vera Charles alongside Cher in a revival of Mame which could help them both out with a Tony but no one seems to be reading my thoughts and making them happen, thus Ryan Gosling is not currently naked in my basement. Also tick tick tick, neither of them is getting any younger. No, wait, Cyndi's not, Cher is well preserved.

Gavin Creel, not in Matilda
or my basement
Ryan isn't either. If I switch to a Wizard of Waverly Place will that be creepy? Cause I've never even seen that show.

The 4 Matildas share a special Tony which John thinks is related to 3 Billys Elliot sharing Best Actor but c'mon, Constantine Maroulis? Gavin Creel?

Okay, maybe Gavin Creel.

Here's a song from Matilda.

Song: "Revolting Children"
Artist: Cast of Matilda

Song of the Day: "Cross the Line"

Neil Haskell of BIO:TM but this pic not from there.

Did we talk about Bring it On: The Musical? I think we did.

Jeff Whitty shows Jay Leno
his gayest look; later Leno would
make his 477,203rd Bill Clinton joke
It's nominated for 2 Tonys including Best Musical and Best Choreography (which it should totally win because OMG how cool is it that they used cheers as choreography and also haven't we seen enough jazz hands for a while Pippin'?) and it boasts creative talents like the Tony-winning writer of Avenue Q (Jeff somebody), and the Tony-winning dude who told Sondheim that he made a hat (which I thought was fucking awesome, go see A Sunday in the Park with George if you are confused) and the Tony nominee from Hands on a Hardbody (you remember).

Song: "Cross the Line"
Artist: Cast of Bring it On: The Musical

Song of the Day: "Stronger"

Corey Mach, second from left,
not from Hands on a Hardbody
Not the right show.
This begins a sort of catch up on blogging. Getting ready to take some time off from work apparently made Tuesday disappear, my trek to the Mariners game made Wednesday disappear and then some affiliated issues on Thursday and suddenly Seymour, it's Friday.

The Tonys are Sunday so to play song catch up, here's a song from Tony-nominated Hands on a Hardbody (nominations to Trey Anastasio of Phish and Amanda Green [who also wrote music for Bring it On: The Musical, more on that shortly] for Best Original Score; Keith Carradine and Keala Settle were nominated as well but for some reason when I think "hands on a hardbody" Mach comes to mind).

Song: "Stronger"
Artist: Corey Mach

Monday, June 3, 2013

Song of the Day: "Chasing Shadows"

Frankmusik, or as I call him, Vinny, from Between his third studio album.

He actually recorded as Vincent Did It for a while but he's back to Frankmusik. Which makes everything better.

Song: "Chasing Shadows"
Artist: Frankmusik