Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quote of the day

I congratulated a longtime coworker on a promotion yesterday and that reminded me that Monday is 17 years to the day of first starting with my current company. That's when I left Dallas and worked in the old Southfield, Michigan office for 3 weeks.

That, plus running across the quote on Novarro reminded me that we've just passed the 17 year anniversary of losing Randall. His birthday is next week also. Rest in peace dude.

Song of the Day: "You Are Blind"

A concept album for the musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County with a book by Stephen King and  music by John Mellencamp.

This track features Oscar winner Ryan Bingham, but other names on the album include Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash, Sheryl Crow and Kris Kristoferson with T-Bone Burnett producing.

Song: "You Are Blind"
Artist: Ryan Bingham

Friday, May 17, 2013

Song of the Day: "Lift Me Up"

I don't recall Halford appearing
in Madonna's Sex book
I was happy to run across this track from Rob Halford's new band, Five Finger Death Punch, because I thought my little sister would love its mid-80s Metall-deth sound. And also Rob Halford, middle-aged gay dude still rocking out, bonus.

I shared the song with coworker Adam, who enjoys Swedish death metal (and also raises chickens, the dude is unpredictable) and this was his reply: I'll be honest this doesn't sound like something you'd be into or Rob Halford would be into for that matter.

I explained that it was more for Jackie. My musical curiosity did motivate me to click the link and I've listened to the song in its entirety every time I've played it (including now). Maybe Bob Mould started something with Silver Age and Rob's just second. Could the George Michael metal album be next?

Song: "Lift Me Up"
Artist: Five Finger Death Punch

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Song of the Day: "I Always Knew"

'Tis the season for TV series season finales. I'm not sure why I keep watching The New Girl. It's had good moments and really stupid moments this season. For every example of inspired casting (Rob Reiner, Dennis Farina, Olivia Munn) there's Justin Long.

Schmidt is the best and worst of the show (hmm, and here I would have guessed Zooey, but she's just incidental) and just when I thought the disruption of Cece's wedding was flat out asinine then BAM, Taylor Swift.

And then there's this song from The Vaccines. It didn't cross my path when it was released late last year (curse you no-longer-around YRock) but its inclusion in the season 2 finale give the show one more check in the "I'll keep watching" column. Sigh.

Song: "I Always Knew"
Artist: The Vaccines

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Song of the Day: "Birmingham"

You know who's always all "blah blah blah Shovels & Rope are the best"? Allie.

I've listened a few times and I'm not feeling it deeply. But I am open to being swayed (I totally admit that seeing Avett Brothers live is requisite for appreciating what those boys can do--I mention that specifically because Allie is why I know them, via her conduit J-Rod, which happens).

Less complicated is the fact that they (Shovels & Rope) picked up a solid set of Americana Honors nominations. My guess is they're in every category for which they qualify except possibly Instrumentalist of the Year (or they didn't qualify). This track is nominated for Song of the Year, the album for Album of the Year, the band for Emerging Artist of the Year (which I assume to be mutually exclusive from Artist of the Year, thus explaining their absence there) and for Duo/Group of the Year.

The awards aren't until September so you have plenty of time to get a new dress, Allie. Sorry, I mean make a new dress. Shit.

Song: "Birmingham"
Artist: Shovels & Rope

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome to Portland, BYOF

The special election which might (but won't) put fluoride into Portland's water supply--I mean MORE than the naturally occurring fluoride that's already there--is under way. I need to fill in my ballot... should I vote for Pam Knowles as Director, Zone 5 for my school district, or, since she's running unopposed just let her vote for herself?

The sign is across from my liberry. The blue skies were a meteorological aberration.

Song of the Day: "Listening"

The Bear, Kristy McNichol
Minus the Bear, who take their name from the hit ("hit"?) 70s drama BJ and the Bear, released an album nearly a fucking year ago and I haven't mentioned it even once.

I am lame.

This track makes me think there's a great double-bill with OK Go in the bands' future. I wonder if either of them considers that pairing insulting?

What if I add Cake to the tour?

I almost said "into the mix" and the idea of cake mix made me want cupcakes... and so concludes our post.

Song: "Listening"
Artist: Minus the Bear

Bring on the Ming-Na

I don't know when she's Ming-Na Wen and when she's just Ming-Na, but I'm happy to see her in the forthcoming Joss Whedon infomercial for future Marvel Avengers-related film releases.

Bea Arthur, Be Naked: The Adventure Continues

Previously on the Rebel Agenda we talked about the crudely made bumper sticker I purchased multiples of, back when the interwebz was just a child. Back when it was all Geocities and Excite! and probably before Yes I am old. So are you, probably.

Thanks to Kenneth in the 212 we now have a reason to follow up. Artist John Currin's painting "Bea Arthur Naked" could sell at a Christie's auction for $2.5 million (or not, one never knows). Christie's has a Post-War & Contemporary Art auction this week. Some of the pieces are from the estate of Andy Williams although the provenance of Bea isn't mentioned. So probably Andy Williams.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Song of the Day: "I Love You"

Said the Whale, not to be confused with Noah and the Whale or Right Said Fred.

It's the title track to an EP, all tracks to be on their full album in the fall. Or so they claim.

Song: "I Love You"
Artist: Said the Whale

R.I.P. Dr. Joyce Brothers

She is the first woman to be a color commentator for boxing. Take that expectations.

Her IMDB entry has 132 appearances as herself. She was not shy. Beyond television she had columns in Good Housekeeping and wrote several books and claims to be the first television psychologist which I think we can give her.

Here's how I'll remember her.

Rest in peace dude.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Song of the Day: "Texas"

Is it weird that yesterday was "Latexas" and today is "Texas" cause it wasn't planned? Totes coincidental.

I don't know much about Magic Man aside from them being from Providence. Possibly the one in Rhode Island.

Which is a very small state in the northeast.

Song: "Texas"
Artist: Magic Man