Saturday, April 20, 2013

Am I free to go?

I didn't want this video to get lost at the bottom of the other post. It's not a Flex Your Rights video, but they shared it and I'm loving it. This shit makes me want to sing a Lee Greenwood song while I dodge the draft in Canada.

Note: these checkpoints are not border crossings or other points of entry into the US (where I presume one is obligated to answer questions regarding their nationality or citizenship status) nor a TSA security screening point in an airport, where one consents to search by purchasing a ticket. These are surprise checkpoints, akin to DUI checkpoints; but while you consent to a field sobriety test when you sign your driver's license, you haven't actually ceded your protection from undue search and seizure just by driving near a border, thus refusal to answer questions at these checkpoints seems valid to me. But I'm not a lawyer.

Flex your rights OR Constitution à la carte

(h/t Wonkette)

Lindsey Graham LOVES the Constitution. He does.

Well, he love love loves the Second Amendment. The rest of it, well, fuck it, whatever.

Give him guns and a nice Christian nation and he promises to keep his gay lifestyle so far on the down-low he gets the bends when he leaves it.

From what I understand, the surviving bomb dude was not read his Miranda rights when arrested. He also was dehydrated and nearly bled out and probably wasn't doing much in the way of incriminating himself aside from having weapons used in the killing of 1 police office and bombs just like the 3 that were used on Monday with him (even if he incriminated himself and all that got thrown out by a judge, the mounds of physical evidence against him will almost certainly get him convicted).

Given that, it stymies me that people are so willing to throw out this one simple step.

"They hate us for our freedoms" we were told.

"Okay, let's give up our freedoms" we seem to say back.

Also we're not supposed to torture. Everyone who thinks that torture yields useful information is deluding themselves. The scene where Batman interrogated the Joker in The Dark Knight, released during the last months of George W. Bush's nightmarish Presidency was held up as an illustration validating torture enhanced interrogation (torture). It's like people didn't quite get the part about the Joker giving intentionally bad information sending Batman off to save Rachel Dawes only to find Harvey Dent.

People see what they want to see. I need to remember that more often. I am confident that the Boston lockdown will be used as a talking point by both sides of the gun control debate.

Anyway, Miranda rights: you may not have them read to you, but that doesn't mean you lose your right to remain silent. You have a right to remain silent. And if questioned by the police, you should probably use it, at least until your attorney shows up.

Since I'm 90% certain any interaction with authorities might end if me being shot for something obnoxious I say, I really need to remember this myself.

After a frustrating police stop in 2005 (the police claimed to see me spin my truck around and take off as their probable cause and then told me I fit the description of someone see shooting at a house nearby and could they search my truck for a gun--it's all perfectly reasonable and a quick search would allow me to go free and if I'm innocent I have nothing to hide--it frustrated me because I knew the premise for stopping me was complete bullshit [and I was amazed that I didn't get a ticket for that egregious driving violation] but I wasn't sure how I could refuse their search request) I went looking for information no how to do this and I found Flex Your Rights, an organization focused on educating Americans on their Fifth Amendment rights. Their site is filled tremendously useful. Go and see for yourself. Or at least remember these 5 words: am I free to go.

Shamelessly in bed with Al-Qaeda

It's like that song from Grease, except different.

60 Minutes' Twitter account hacked by LaRouche

Here's why this is funny

I don't like the way Facebook handles my bitchy asides next to images, so I'm posting this here in full glory.

Here's why this is so funny: the much hated Obamacare (aka socialisms, aka tyranny) is based on a policy designed by the very conservative Heritage Foundation (yes, apparently a plan that compels you to have insurance from a FOR PROFIT company isn't actually socialism, who would have guessed that aside from anyone who actually understands the basics of economics, but I digress). 

The plan was implemented at the state level, in Mass. (can't spell it, sorry) under then Governor Mittens "Wilfred Brimley" Romney, a man with such shamelessness that he actually claims to have been a lifelong hunter of varmints and that his sons spending time working on his 2008 Presidential campaign was essentially the same as them serving in the military during 1 of the 2 wars that we were fighting, cause we were fighting 2 wars, not that George W. Bush accounted for them in any of his budgets thus creating MASSIVE deficits the likes of which dwarfed Obama's, but since Bush is white no one seemed to care, but I digress). 

What's my point? 

Oh, right, Donald Trump, shut the fuck up.

Song of the Day: "Make Good Choices"

First let me say to Sean Nelson "don't micromanage my day." Make good choices. Pff. You make good choices and stay out of my life. These wild mushrooms are better than the ones from the store and I'm saving like 89 cents, what could go wrong?

It's dude from Harvey Danger, no relation to Wally Danger except possibly shamelessly stealing his name (I wasn't there for most of it, so I don't know). Now he's a solo dude. Except maybe he's Sean Nelson and His Mortal Enemies. I wonder who he shamelessly took that name from.

Song: "Make Good Choices"
Artist: Sean Nelson (or possibly Sean Nelson and His Mortal Enemies)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Song of the Day: "Get Lucky"

This has been a shitty week. It has. And not just for me. Other people who are not me report it being not the best week as well.

Maybe it's the contrast with the shitty week, or maybe it's the case that the first single from Daft Punk's Random Access Memory, a highly anticipated (and not just by me) collaboration with Nile Rodgers, is really fucking great on its own. I wasn't sure how their styles would work together but it did. Now if every other song has the same exact jangly rhythm line I might get bored of it. But I might not. Nile manages to have a signature sound that is recognizable but not tired. Daniel Lanois has one as well... I wonder if there's some kind of comparison of their producing styles in my future (probably not).

And Pharrell sings.

Here is the one great thing (so far) from this week.

Song: "Get Lucky"
Artist: Daft Punk/Nile Rodgers/Pharrell

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We. Tortured.

We did. That is a war crime. George W. Bush is a war criminal. Barry Obama is probably a war criminal as well.

That is all.

Song of the Day: "Diamonds"

The Boxer Rebellion from Promises, their fourth studio album.

The band is based in London, but 1 dude is from Tennessee and 1 dude is from Australia. Take that, no one in particular.

Song: "Diamonds"
Artist: The Boxer Rebellion

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Always use your own email address for personal ads

Because if you use mine, your ad will get edited.

First, some quick background: I get a surprising amount of email meant for other people. There's a Ronald Jones in the Bay Area who uses my Rocketmail email address like some kind of fucking idiot. I just had this recent email exchange with someone trying to contact him with respect to a background check.

I got this:

From: Amanda (redacted)
To: my rocketmail address
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 2:37 PM

Subject: (redacted) Background Investigation

To: Ronald Jones

Hello, I appreciate your willingness to assist Ms. (redacted) and the (redacted) Communications Department in completing a reference survey. As you may not know, a comprehensive background investigation for the position of (redacted) is a mandate of law. To that end, the agency (in this case (redacted) County Communications Department) is required to contact an array of references who can comment on the applicant's suitability. Ms. (redacted) previously supplied your name, address and telephone number to our firm. In an effort to accelerate the background of Ms. (redacted) on behalf of the communications department and to make it as painless to you the reference, we have an on-line solution which should make it much easier to participate. We thank you in advance for your part in the hiring process of Ms. (redacted).

Please be candid in your responses and provide as much detail as you can when appropriate. The (redacted) County Communications Department, generally reads EACH and EVERY response, so your contribution in this regard is not only important but again much appreciated. Thank you very much. If you have any difficulty at all, please call our office in (redacted), so we may assist you. Please remember to log out when you have submitted the survey.

It is important for you to know, that (redacted) will not be able to see or know about any of your responses. To that end, you are considered a confidential source. The server we use has the highest level of security certificate available so there is no problem with the results of your survey being compromised. Thank you again for your assistance. The survey can be found at our website:

the user name for login is (redacted)

Password: (redacted)

Amanda (redacted)

To which I replied:

Hi. I'm not sure why Ronald thinks this email address is his but he seems to give it with some regularity.

If you do actually talk to him, please tell him he is dumb. Thanks.

Rich (who's had this email address since 1997, not that I'm bragging)

And she pleasantly replied:

Love the email response. Thanks for making my workday a little more interesting.

See, she gets it. No "I refuse to replace your defective fucking calendar" or anything. Hopefully she realized that she gave me login information for her super secure server, but whatev, not my problem Bay Area county municipal agency.

Now as for Plenty of Fish (which, if you think about "fish" as a slang word for females... well, draw your own insulting conclusion).

Here's the updated profile:

By the way, Pat, who's first name is Pat thus making him using MY yahoo account address all the more egregious a mistake, set his "display first name" setting to "no." But I like the name Pat. I have an uncle named Pat whom I care for deeply. So I decided Pat shouldn't hide his name under a bushel.

And then I changed it from Pat to "Pat, My Name is Pat" because it is (well, at least as much as it is "Rich"). Hopefully you can click the images to embiggen them.

This train's ready to depart

Tweet of the moment

Song of the Day: "Julie (Come Out of the Rain)"

Yep Roc posted that the new video from Josh Rouse had him doing his best Hitchcock impersonation and I thought "that's fucking cool, I love Robyn Hitchcock."

Apparently they meant the other Hitchcock as the video is something of a salute to Vertigo.

I fucking hate Vertigo. It makes no sense at all.

The song is really lovely though.

Song: "Julie (Come Out of the Rain)"
Artist: Josh Rouse

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Let's just start with this:

There's more to LBT than just Designing Women, but I wanted to get a bitchy Suzanne scene out of the way early. Prior to Designing Women, LBT wrote for sitcoms like M*A*S*H (an episode she cowrote with Mary Kay Place earned them an Emmy nomination), Rhoda, One Day at a Time and Filthy Rich. She and husband Harry Thomas created Designing Women which ran for 7 seasons on CBS, about 38 years on Lifetime and now is hidden away on the TV Guide channel. LBT received 7 of the show's 18 Emmy nominations--the show's only Emmy win was for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series. The cast mentioned this fact when they presented an Emmy (I'm paraphrasing), pointing out that the show had covered topics like AIDS and domestic abuse and feminism and racism for all that the show had only won 1 Emmy, for hair, which prompted them to ask the audience... "So how do you like our hair?"

You had to be there I guess.

She and Harry also created the show that won Burt Reynolds an award (Evening Shade), the show with Billy Bob Thornton, Leslie Jordan and Conchata Ferrell (Hearts Afire) and made a short film called The Man From Hope about a dude named Bill Clinton. I wonder what ever happened to him... (JK, I watch Leno, I know who he is!)

Her and Harry's close friend ship with the Clintons also created one of Bill Clinton's first controversies, regarding the White House travel office (or "travelgate" if you are stupid). Of course this was before Hillary killed Vince Foster and made it look like a suicide and Bill got into all his hi-jinks with the interns and what not. But OMFG remember how good the economy was then? Shit that was nice.

Anyway, LBT, here's to you.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

The Onion makes my heart soar

From the genius of The Onion
It's funny (and sad) because it's true. George W. Bush is a war criminal.

He's also a criminal against peace, a bratty, entitled dumbass, a deserter from the Texas Air National Guard (or possibly the Alabama Air National Guard, maybe even both but probably not, since it would likely be just one or the other), and should have faced a "three strikes" sentencing on account of all his felony convictions but, you know, he's white and comes from money/CIA connections.

No one has ever asked him for his birth certificate even though he was the worst President this country has ever had.

So far.

Song of the Day: "Hey Love"

Quadron, the Danish duo, call their music electronic soul. Or so Wikipedia would lead me to believe.

Fun fact #1: 1 of the dudes is half of Rhye (who is, apparently, also a duo).

Fun fact #2: the other dude will be on Jay-Z's soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann's F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. The apostrophe-ses make it all worth while.

Song: "Hey Love"
Artist: Quadron

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Loretta Lynn

When she appeared on The Daily Show, way back when Craig whatshisname hosted, and she played the old 5 questions thing, he asked her to name another famous singer from Butcher's Holler and she said that no one famous ever came from Butcher's Holler.

Oh snap, Crystal Gayle.

Loretta is an icon, both a pioneer in country music (while Wikipedia suggests she is the First Lady of Country [actually Kitty Wells] and the Queen of Country Music [actually Tammy Wynette]) and as a "feminist" (in her own words: "I'm not a big fan of Women's Liberation, but maybe it will help women stand up for the respect they're due.") Remember, it was the 70s and women didn't really get respect, unlike today when everyone is enlightened and doesn't castigate women for having opinions or wanting to avoid HPV... no, wait, that's something else, never mind).

"Success" was her first top 10 hit and later remade with brilliant orchestration by Sinead O'Connor.

The one time I went to karaoke with Chris Wilson he sang this.

Loretta has only 3 Grammys, and 2 of those are for her Van Lear Rose album. 2 of Jack White's 9 Grammys are shared with Loretta.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Happy Birthday John Gielgud

A Rebel Agenda classic, from 2010--Gielgud would be 109 today:

He would have been 106 today. He will always be a Grand Slam/EGOT winner: Arthur(Oscar, Supporting Actor); Ages of Man, Recordings from Shakespeare (Grammy, Spoken Word Recording); Big Fish, Little Fish (Tony, Best Director--2 other awards but this is a clean win); Summer's Lease (Emmy, Best Actor in a Made for TV Movie of Miniseries). He is the fourth to win the complete set.

And when you see him in a movie, you have to stand up and scream "fag!" Or so our list of movie rules went.

Which is why Thomas moved away from me and Becky back when we were seeing whatever the hell we were seeing back in 1989. I think it was the preview for Prospero's Books that gave us that opportunity.

Some people are sooo touchy.

If I were to do him justice, I'd post a clip of him in Hamlet or Arthur. Instead, here are clips of him in some Paul Mason ads (it's "crisp and fruity," much like Gielgud himself).

Another here.

Happy birthday dude! Rest in peace.

Song of the Day: "Does It"

This speech is my recital.

I think it's very vital to rock a rhyme.

That's right.

On time.

It's Tricky!

Song: "Does It"
Artist: Tricky