Saturday, April 6, 2013

Song of the Day: "Next Year"

Two Door Cinema Club, somewhere between the Housemartins and being Scottish (they're from Ulster), and totally a Rich-type band.

And I doubt any of y'all want to disagree with me. Not on this. So pipe down Tim McGraw.

Song: "Next Year"
Artist: Two Door Cinema Club

Friday, April 5, 2013

Song of the Day: "Oblivion"

I think it was film critic Matt Zoller Seitz who recently tweeted "Tom Cruise should make a movie where he plays the best at something" and for some reason I found this howlingly funny. It takes very little with me sometimes.

Tom's new movie, Oblivion, is an  homage to 1970s sci-fi movies which, given that, means I might have to drag Becky to see it. And it has Easy Reader. Sorry, Oscar winner Easy Reader.

The movie was directed by the dude who did Tron: Legacy which, from what I understand, was an awesome fucking soundtrack in search of a remotely good movie. As there with Daft Punk, so to here with M83? Who can say (critics, probably)? The vocals are provided by Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør and I totally knew that and didn't just copy and past that from Stereogum.

Song: "Oblivion"
Artist: M83/Susanne Sundfør

Thursday, April 4, 2013

R.I.P. Roger Ebert

I have a lot of respect for the dude (evidence here). His film reviews were one of the most reliable indicators of whether I'd like a movie. Now the mere existence of a movie is a good indicator that I will not like it (it's right more than you'd guess, thank you Tyler Perry).

In addition to the long-running PBS show which became a long-running syndicated show Ebert was a Pulitzer Prize winning critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and wrote Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens with Russ Meyer. He was well rounded is what I'm saying.

Ebertfest, also called Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival held at his alma mater at the University of Illinois in Urbana and/or Champaign, was curated by Ebert (no submissions are accepted). Joe Versus the Volcano was one of the movies. Cancer can take a lot out of you. And he was nominated for several Emmys and Daytime Emmys. Since I didn't say that he won any of them, draw your own conclusion.

He announced a "leave of presence"--a plan to reduce the number of movies he reviews and other project involvements--2 days ago due to new health complications.

Rest in peace dude.

Song of the Day: "Walkin' on a Pretty Day"

Before this morning I didn't know that Kurt Vile used to be in The War on Drugs (not Work Drugs). You might not have either.

This is the first single from Kurt's fifth solo album, Walkin' on a Pretty Daze.

Kurt's one of the few acts I'm familiar with (although apparently not overly so) from this year's Pick-a-thon line-up. In fact, he's among the top of the bill ahead of such luminaries as Divine Fits and Tift Merritt. Take that Foxygen, enjoy Tacoma. Or Olympia. That southeastern Puget Sound region...

Song: "Walkin' on a Pretty Day"
Artist: Kurt Vile (possibly Kurt Vile & The Violators)

Deeply thought

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Song of the Day: "Goodbye Goodbye"

I flirted with the idea of pretending that Becky and I would go see Billy Bragg at the Aladdin last night. Then I saw that the show was sold out.

What a relief.

I do need to get Tooth & Nail, his first album in 5 years. I'm not sure if this track is representative of a new vulnerability or if I just picked the most somber song at random.

Song: "Goodbye Goodbye"
Artist: Billy Bragg

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Song of the Day: "Say You Love Me"

Attic Lights, sounding a little like a Weezer song sprung to life, come to me via the band Frightened Rabbit. They're label-mates, former tour-mates, and also Scottish.

Yes, that's exactly why their a song of the day.

Got a better reason? Leave it in comments.

Song: "Say You Love Me"
Artist: Attic Lights

Monday, April 1, 2013

Song of the Day: "The Rest is Yet to Come"

Jim Guthrie comes to me via You Ain't No Picasso, which is what a music blog written by a not-easily-confused person looks like. Thank you for indulging me this little hobby. At least it doesn't cost you more than a few seconds to read this shit. It's not like I'm making you come see my band or something.

Listen to poetry at a poetry slam.

Do they still have those? (Probably in Portland. [They do.])

As for this dude, he's part of this band.

Song: "The Rest is Yet to Come"
Artist: Jim Guthrie

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez

This is actually a Simpsons reference.
He was born César Estrada Chávez but even his family connection to the powerful Enrique "Eric" Estrada wasn't enough to let him keep the diacritical marks in his name. That's how they get you, via the diacritical marks.

Chavez is one of the most influential labor and civil rights leaders this country has ever known. And all because he hated grapes (I assume).

Chavez quit school after the 7th grade, further proof that high school and college are for suckers.

March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day, in honor of his birthday, and is a state holiday in California, Colorado and Texas. You know, the super liberal states.

After surprising the city by renaming Portland Boulevard as Rosa Parks Way, the Portland City Council (who had ignored the city's rules for street name changes) wanted to honor Chavez similarly by renaming Interstate Ave. While Interstate is not a particularly great street name, especially when you factor in the it runs parallel to an actual interstate, separated by less than a quarter of a mile (it can be confusing, "take Interstate, not THE interstate"), the abrupt change from Portland Boulevard was enough for the neighborhood, my neighborhood to rally. Fortunately the folks who advocated for a street named after Chavez were happy to follow the rules (details here) and thus SE 39th Ave, became SE Cesar Chavez Boulevard. And NE 39th became NE Cesar Chavez (that's how it works here in Portland, it's a series of quadrants... 5 quadrants).

Next up: Harvey Milk, Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin.

Happy birthday dude, rest in peace.

The simple joy of a trip to the dog park

Song of the Day: "Metroland"

OMD release their 12th album next month: English Electric.

It seems like just the other day I posted something new from them, but it was March 2011.

Like I said...

Song: "Metroland"
Artist: OMD