Saturday, December 21, 2013

Song of the Day: "Call Me Up"

Remember how we all used to love Shelby Lynne? It was after calico bible college freshman Shelby, before Daisy Dukes ass cheeks Shelby.

For a brief moment she was brilliant, like Lauryn Hill or Amy Winehouse (and we know how things turned out for them).

OMG they all won the Best New Artist Grammy. That wasn't even where I was going with that, but fuck, coincidence? Probably.

Still, this new "I wanna sound just like Brandi Carlisle" Shelby is the best I've heard her sound in a long time. Hopefully she can get some traction here while avoiding incarceration and early death. I'd like that for myself.

Song: "Call Me Up"
Artist: Shelby Lynne

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