Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Lisa

Dallas 1992 Back L-R: Hillery, Lisa; Fr L-R: Sean, Michael
If you look at the picture above, that quite possibly I took, and you see similarities between Lisa's decor style, the bold wall colors and the crisp white trim, and my decor style, the bold wall colors and crisp white trim, you might see similarities. As if. The minute I figure out how they differ (aside from specific color) I will let you know.

That picture is from Hillery & Sean's going away fete, probably late summer 1992, a few months after I'd moved there (apparently Hillery & Sean won't live in the same city as me; once I settled in Dallas they returned to my recently-vacated Atlanta). Lisa was the best host. She was possibly the only host but frankly I think we all took a turn and the conclusion was obvious, let's hang out at Lisa's. So we did.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Pasta, red wine, music.

Good times.

I haven't seen her since NYC, probably early 2004. Hmm, is that right? It runs together. I think it was a Dr. Botox junket. My inability to remember shit is awesome.

I used to make Lisa mix tapes. She had 1 rule: you must label the tapes. There existed, in her possession, a frustrating unlabeled mix tape and tried to identify the songs. I think I helped with 4. This was not one I helped with, but it was the first song of the tape (and the only one I recall).

Lisa lives a subdued life in Salt Lake City with her husband Brad and dog Ajax (Ajax?) or so Facebook leads me to believe. It's entirely possible that's just a cover for her work as an international covert operative. That would explain Salt Lake City.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

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