Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Song of the Day: "Ordinary Love"

They struck out with their Oscar nomination and never made it to bat with the Tonys so they're back with more Oscar bait. This track comes from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom which I'm pretty sure is about a time Winnie Mandela had a flat tire and then her heel broke and she had to walk like 3 miles home... or "freedom."

It's probably not about Nelson Mandela because obviously Nelson Mandela is a terrorist and it is wrong to celebrate terrorists (unlike war criminals and criminals against peace, so go ahead and have your George W. Bush picnic like you planned).

As for the song, zzzzzz. Seriously, I don't understand how U2 garnered their nomination before but Eminem's win (oh yeah, Eminem is an Oscar winner) was totally justified. Suck it Julie Taymor. If this song picks up a nomination I'll be mildly surprised but not stunned. Anticipating nominations from the music branch is difficult although I recall they decided to have 5 nominees no matter what so obviously they don't know what they're doing and will keep changing how they do it until they do. I doubt this song will end up on a 5-disc "essentials" collection of U2.

Song: "Ordinary Love"
Artist: U2

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