Friday, February 1, 2013

Avett awesome powers activate

Vote for this picture here.

You know how I'm always complaining about Allie, how she's all creative and talented and shit? I know, it IS annoying.

Way to make me feel lazy.

Or, you know, show me a mirror, that's another good way to make me feel lazy (I think I dropped some M&Ms around here, let me check the floor...).

Anyway, the girl's gone and gotten herself into some kind of a contest for some kind of prize. I'm not sure what. Let's assume luggage because we all know girls LOVE luggage.


Anyway, America's greatest Daughtry fan and his wife went to see the Avett Bros. on New Year's Eve (while I was fighting norovirus, but don't pity me, I came through it fine), and J-Rod told me that I would dig this song that might have been released before he was born, but whatever, I'm not that old.

Anyway, please vote for Allie's picture here. Because you know it's probably luggage and you know how girls love luggage!!! (Yes, I know why people never ask "why is Rich still single?")

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