Friday, January 4, 2013

Song of the Day: "Let Her Go"

Passenger was a band, now it's a dude. It's like Aztec Camera except not in that way things are only slightly like other things. Just like that in fact.

The older and more famous I get, the more I understand the need to craft a public persona as a magnet for the attention, the questions, the hounding of the paparazzi. They're like animals, let me get my coffee in private, please. Some people think I'm insane and those are just customers waiting on coffee, but I know better. They're insidious.

Which has nothing at all to do with this lovely little song. Yes, it's a bit twee, overly earnest and oh so wanting to be used in a very somber break-up scene in some CW show. That's why it's so fucking awesome. Listen to it and imagine the diary-keeping vampires locked in a final embrace right before she (who?) leaves one last time... it caps seasons of torturous angst. Or something, I don't watch.

Like I said, it's a lovely little song.

Song: "Let Her Go"
Artist: Passenger

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