Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Dan Harmon

Not Dan Harmon
Today's birthday boy is the creator of Community, a show I've praised as clever (here) despite Chevy Chase; only he's (Harmon) been fired from the show just as Chevy Chase left. Why can't I have a Community with Harmon but without Chase?! Also Ken Jeong is totally played out while Oscar winner Jim Rash is on the verge of annoying as well (but not yet, in no small part from his Angelina Jolie's leg stance).

His Emmy isn't for Community though, it's for "Hugh Jackman Opening Number" from the 2009 Oscars, Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. This is fun, but I was I rooting for the Colbert song.

Okay, here's some Community stuff and I'm going to sleep.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

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