Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greetings from the end of the world

Not from me, from Lee.
Lee at Patagonia (or so he claims)

It's nice, but no Starbucks?

In my dream I was drowning my sorrows
But my sorrows, they learned to swim

"Until the End of the World" U2

Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn -
world serves its own needs, regardless of your own needs.

"It's the End of the World as we Know It (And I Feel Fine)" R.E.M.

Note: yes, the songs are thematically about the end of the planet's existence while Patagonia is merely the farthest edge of the world. Get your own blog.

Quote of the day, boys are better than girls edition

"it is my opinion that hollywood has robbed america of its manliness and made us a nation of eunuchs who lacking all manliness welcome in the coming police state."--new owner of the Niagra Falls Reporter to its now-ex film critic Michael Calleri
The email is fantastic (here) and includes the word "manliness" 4 times. He's very concerned that men never be portrayed as less than women in films. Ever.

No psychological issues there, pretty sure. All clear.

Song of the Day: "Doom and Gloom"

"Doom and Gloom" 2012 in a nutshell
I am not sure what is up with the Rolling Stones. They plan to tour.

Mick is almost 70, Keith a year behind (Charlie is the oldest but he gets to sit when he's working). They remind me of my Nana who, at nearly 90 (I mean, cough, 66) she is perfectly happy mowing her own lawn. In Florida.

And it's not a small lawn.

She can open for the Rolling Stones.

According to this they've sold as many albums as AC/DC and Celine Dion. If the 3 of those toured AND my Nana opened, I would totally go to that concert!

Song: "Doom and Gloom"
Artist: Rolling Stones

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today in business-ish news: failing upward

" the company was preparing to file for bankruptcy earlier this year, the then CEO of Hostess was awarded a 300 percent raise (from approximately $750,000 to $2,550,000) and at least nine other top executives of the company received massive pay raises. One such executive received a pay increase from $500,000 to $900,000 and another received one taking his salary from $375,000 to $656,256."-- The Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union
Hostess, the maker of snack cakes and type 2 diabetes, is closing plants and filing for another round of bankruptcy. They've almost failed as much as Donald Trump.

Obviously this is all Obama's fault.

Obamacare and Michelle Obama's anti-obesity kick.

We cannot raise taxes on unicorn fuckers job creators like the executives at the floundering Hostess. Who doesn't triple the salary of the people running a business that's failing? That's the free  market at work!

Profit motivation makes everything better.

General's Hospital (a love pentagon)

Colbert on the Patraeus scandal--if we were still fighting a war in Afghanistan wouldn't the news be reporting on that instead?
I'm part of this story

What's up with my dogs and furniture?

As I said earlier, normal dogs are boring.

UPDATE: Also Tyler is a cyborg.

Song of the Day: "¡Corre!"

Jesse & Joy had a big night at the Latin Grammy's last night (but look who I'm telling this to, I'm sure you were watching) picking up 3, including Record of the Year (the article says Recording of the Year but something tells me Yahoo! News is wrong) for this song.

Since the Latin Grammys don't seem to ameliorate any of the hundreds of awards in the Latin category at the actual Grammys I'm sure they'll win an actual Grammy as well... OMG, Liza, learn to speak Spanish! It worked for Sheena Easton! How long before the Latin Tonys or the Daytime Oscars?

I have nothing to do with this song.

Meanwhile, if you heard "shirtless FBI agent" in any of the reports of General Patraeus you might have been disappointed that I didn't have anything for you.

Now I do.

You're welcome.

Jesse & Joy, see you at the actual Grammys.

Song: "¡Corre!"
Artist: Jesse & Joy

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Song of the Day: "(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing"

Field Music is another one of the Mercury Prize non-winners for 2012.

The band centers around 2 brothers who I've decided are as volatile as the Gallaghers. This is probably not true, but would explain why their Wikipedia entry confirms that they haven't split up.

That's totes Noel/Liam.

Plumb is Field Music's fourth album. Like the song. A little Talking Heads, maybe some Gang of Four. And sibling rivalry (probably).

Song: "(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing"
Artist: Field Music

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Song of the Day: "Default"

Django Django are one of the Mercury Prize short list non-winners (it seems nicer than loser). The band met at art school in Edinburgh but are described as British, not as Scottish. I know Scotland is part of Britain so they can both be true, I just want to know whether or not to consider them as I determine whether I love all Scottish music (or not).

I like this track a lot (it went to #22 in Belgium!) but haven't heard the whole thing. I promise I won't automatically love them if they're Scottish. I'm not in college and them British.

Frat boys
"We're here, we're queer (probably), we
don't even know Django Reinhardt"
I mean they are British, I'm just not in college. I am into frat boys but that's a whole other thing.

They're not named after Django Reinhardt. They're probably not named after Mary Chapin Carpenter either (just a guess).

Song: "Default"
Artist: Django Django

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy birthday Bird

I've never actually called Allie "Bird" but I'm behind in coming up with a personal brand for her. J- Rod and mÄ are covered. Bird's a perfectly fine name, but I didn't come up with it. Obviously my names are better than other people's names. Duh.

If you don't know her and you want to feel lazy or sloppy check out her blog, Made by Bird. She does shit like make her own wedding invitations (it's possible Jared helped) and sew, and the outcome is so good that it seems like it's almost possible that you could do something like that. And then you end up with a chaotic mess of hot glue, felt and glitter on your best leather pants.
All of this, Made by Bird

Or so I've heard.

But yeah, somehow she finds the time to to make bunny butt cupcakes while I can't seem to put away my shoes. Bunny butts... Jesus I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

She's also a great advocate for me, giving me the heads up when they recommend movies or TV shows. Friday Night Lights actually does have a hot dude shirtless in the first 5 minutes of every episode, she was right.

Picking a song is easy enough. They introduced me to the Avett Brothers (I had Jared pegged as a Daughtry fan and I was pleasantly wrong) and apparently she introduced him, so she wins. This was their wedding song and, because sometimes things happen like they should, they played the song for them at what was, from all accounts, an epic show at the Crystal Ballroom. Jared offered me a ticket and I passed, thinking it would be bad music karma (they took me along to Salem ["Salem WOOO!"] which was fucking awesome). Shoulda took the ticket. Oh yeah, and she took this very video... she probably would hand sew some kind of cozy for it if it weren't on the interwebz.

I'm pretty sure she's a fan of Ray LaMontagne. That might be somebody else. You know me and confusion.

I have no idea whether she likes Chaka Khan or not, but who the fuck doesn't like Chaka Khan and, more importantly, who doesn't fucking love this song?! Hopefully not her.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on! 

Cassandra IS being a bitch

(h/t Jill)

A mother fucking quiche.

Song of the Day: "Lord Knows"

If things continue like this, I will eventually remember that I like Dum Dum Girls a lot.

I confuse them with Vivian Girls (but not Vivian Vance) because I'm superficial enough to see ____ Girls and assume it's the same band.

Indigo Girls are grandfathered in and exempt.

Dixie Chicks, that was smart. Dixie Girls would have also been thrown into the melange.

Anyway, this is from their new EP End of Daze and it's got a great Mazzy Star-ish feel that fits the cold rainy weather we're having (colder and rainier than typical, but no hurricanes, so hooray).

Song: "Lord Knows"
Artist: Dum Dum Girls

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why does Obama ruin everything, all the time

A lot of people are upset about the outcome of the election.

A lot of my family are upset about the outcome of the election. Many of them supported Rick Santorum so, you know, fuck 'em (although not really because one of them is my Nana and I can never ever say anything mean about her).

A now-un-friend-ed cousin went on a rant about Obama and his taxes, which he invented and are obviously holding back all the "job creators" (who I call "unicorn fuckers" because both labels are equally true [what creates jobs? demand... look it up]). Why are taxes so high? Because disgusting poor people are getting free cells phones.

Obama is giving everybody free cell phones so they would vote for him.

And they did.

Pretty smart when you consider mastermind Mittens couldn't even plan that far ahead. Right? Some fucking CEO.

Anywho, it turns out that the cell phone thing is part of a program called Lifeline and it began, get this, during Ronald Reagan's presidency. That's right. Ronald Reagan, the flaming godless hippie commie appeaser of the poor was the dude in power when the framework began. I mean, they didn't have cell phones then on account of it was 1984 and who had cell phones then.

The expansion to include cell phones: George W. Bush. I know. Another liberal.

It's like the people mad about the cell phones don't even actually care about the cell phones but maybe about the black dude getting re-elected.

Sorry, the half white dude getting re-elected.

"Grrr Obama and the taxes!!!" they seem to say. Or actually say. Or blame on, I don't know, depriving their kids of shit in the future.

Oh hey, here's a fun fact. The "tax increase" that's scheduled to happen soon is actually just the expiration of temporary tax cuts put in place by war criminal/criminal against peace/multiple felon/fake Texan George W. Bush. They were called temporary in the sense that they were supposed to expire. That was supposed to happen years ago but they got extended.

It's actually pretty fucking important that we let them expire because, oopsy, turns out somebody used a credit card to pay for a war. I mean 2 wars, shit. Normally when we go to war we actually all pitch in and sacrifice, paying MORE in taxes.

You don't really want to pay interest on millions of dollars, let alone billions. Or, fun fact, trillions.

Oh, right, the geniuses of the Bush administration loved to play coy about how little it was going to cost us to invade Iraq. They'd basically pay us back with all that sweet sweet oil money. It would cost more NOT to invade.

Turns out they were wrong. I mean, that's the entire 8 years unless you think 9/11 was an inside job designed to turn the American people into sheep who don't mind taking off our shoes despite no credible threat from shoe-born items that wouldn't otherwise be noticed by metal detectors. And Halliburton did okay.

The Iraq War (or "Why are the fucking taxes so damn high?")

"Every analysis said this war itself would cost about $80 billion, recovery of Baghdad, perhaps of Iraq, about $10 billion per year. We should expect as American citizens that this would cost at least $100 billion for a two-year involvement."--war criminal/criminal against peace/war profiteer Dick Cheney on Meet the Press March 16, 2003
Joseph Stiglitz, one of those boring-ass eggheads (Nobel laureate, former chief economist for the World Bank) comes up with a different number. More than $3 trillion. But that's only considering the cost to the US in, you know, cash. Other countries, Iraq itself perhaps, may have spent money on the war as well.

And none of these costs apply any value at all to human life, Americans (the good ones) or otherwise. "We oppose abortion but are pretty unconcerned about human life after birth."

Part of the cost is long-term, for veteran's benefits for all our lucky new combat veterans. Today is Veteran's Day and I want to show my appreciation for their service by angrily pointing out that they did not need to be sent into harm's way and fucked over as royally as they were.

I support our troops. I do that in part by avoiding sham wars. Iraq was a sham war. If that sounds controversial to you, get your head out of your fucking ass and turn off FOX News.

It's been particularly despicable of Republicans to try to fuck veterans over with respect to benefits.  Fuck you Tom Coburn.

Anyway, in summary, taxes, they're all Obama's fault.

Song of the Day: "My Road Now"

There's something about the "work in progress" nature of this Paul Westerberg song that makes my fumbling with words today seem like less of a thing.

Me not dumb.

As dumb.

Oh, and apparently there's a new Paul Westerberg album coming soon.

Song: "My Road Now"
Artist: Paul Westerberg

Fitting right in

Tyler has taken to Willy's method of sitting in a chair
Normal dogs are boring.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A highly predictable situation

One of my new tenant's brothers died recently and left 2 orphaned dogs in the pound in Texas.

So now I have another dog.

I don't have 2 news dogs only because the second dog has serious health concerns and the new tenant is decent enough not to make that my problem.

Tyler is basically a hybrid of Willy and Gracie with Gracie's size and Willy's coloring, Willy's default spazziness and Gracie's gymnastic abilities.

He is officially here as a foster for 4 to 5 months.

So there's a 85% chance he's here forever.

Welcome Tyler.

Song of the Day: "Wildest Moments"

Jessie Ware was one of the artists short-listed for this year's Mercury Prize. She's described as the missing link between Adele and Sade. I'll let you decide that one for yourself (did someone say post-Adele signing spree? [herself a part of the post-Winehouse signing spree, ironic or coincidental, Alanis?]).

Devotion is her solo debut. She also recorded with SBTRKT which is not a video codec, it turns out.

Song: "Wildest Moments"
Artist: Jessie Ware