Saturday, October 27, 2012

Notes on Skyfall

Bond movies seldom get any respect from awards season, and I doubt this one will be any different.

A running sight gag will elate Becky should she manage to see the movie.

Darkhorse chance at a Supporting Actress nom for Judi Dench, and for cinematography and editing.

Probably even money on Original Song for "Skyfall" as performed by Adele.

BTW, I keep telling people in Glasgow that I'm Adele's cousin. No one seems impressed.

Oh and a, um, friend of mine just realized that Daniel Craig is younger than him. That's gotta hurt, having the guy who plays Bond be younger than you... or so I've heard.

Song of the Day: "Yes I Was Drunk"

I didn't plan blogging coverage too well during my trip, but get over yourselves. I'm alive, I saw Skyfall and this here band. As soon as I publish this I'm going upstairs to hose off and getting my ass over to the Abbey to get in line for my ticket. Show is early. Must be there early.

Song: "Yes I Was Drunk"
Artist: Twin Atlantic

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Notes on Argo

Ben Affleck
Argo is a solid outing from Ben Affleck, but I was less impressed with it than with The Town (my reaction here). Still, timing (the first fall studio Oscar bait to get some legs) and critical reaction (95% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes) seem to be on Affleck's side this time out.

I think the movie's got solid shots at nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Adapted Screenplay, Costume Design and Original Score. I'm not sure Affleck's work as lead is strong enough to pull a nomination, but I can see a Golden Globe nod  there. Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin and John Goodman each have moments showy enough for me to think 1 of them could pick up a nomination; probably Arkin.

If only because it's not a big period drama, I'll say it's likely to get a nomination for either Art Direction, Cinematography or Editing, but probably not more than 1.

I don't recall the sound or effects to be notable.

Completely unrelated but totally not, if you haven't seen last week's South Park, you'll want to (here).

Song of the Day: "Dreaming the Same Dream"

Gavin Rossdale,
not in this band
I was listening to something else at work the other day and this track came on--it's from the new No Doubt, and I'm digging it.

Leaving for the airport in a couple hours, and you'd think I'd be all Scottish music. So I'm not.

Song: "Dreaming the Same Dream"
Artist: No Doubt

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quote of the day

“Change the system. Put me out of a job. Pay the teachers and firefighters and doctors and janitors what you pay me, and I’ll gladly do those jobs instead. Value the useful, and not the merely entertaining or self promoting; give a voice to the currently voiceless. Unfortunately, as it stands, I can only operate in the framework we’ve all created, the society that millions upon millions of Americans erect every Sunday, every election cycle, with every bailed-out bank and golden parachute they fund while bridges crumble and schools shut down.”--Chris Kluwe at his Out of Bounds Blog on the discrepancy in pay between CEOs, athletes, doctors, teachers and janitors

Chris plays for the Minnesota Vikings who, I am told, are part of the National Feetings League of Football and Players. Or something like that. He plays with  his feet but it is NOT a soccer team, he's just a punter.

Whatever that means.

Chris is also my new hero because dude calls people on their hypocrisy and bigotry and he does it with phrases like "butt secks" and, OMG, what's not to love about that?

Chris Kluwe lost his shirt via Just Jared
You know what, I don't even think he's hot. I know, that's what the dimmer switch is for, still, well, yeah, dimmer switch, cocktail, possibly other inebriants.

Which only goes to underscore my profound respect for him. This isn't about me wanting to get him naked.

Not that I wouldn't.

That's what the dimmer switch is for.

Song of the Day: "Drift Dive"

Brooklyn's The Antlers provide a track that sounds like The Blue Nile if they moved to Brooklyn and FUCKING RELEASED SOMETHING IN THIS DECADE after listening to some non-dancy Pet Shop Boys.

Or Kitchens of Distinction.

This track is from their Undersea EP (The Antlers, not The Blue Nile or Pet Shop Boys or Kitchens of Distinction).

Song: "Drift Dive"
Artist: The Antlers

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Concrete and clay conspire to cage me there, Among the lost boys"

Roddy and Ryuichi are both on the Twitters and I feel like they were saying "hey" which I totes hope means a reunion.

Fun with travels--usability edition

See if you can identify how the Glasgow airport might have made this easier:

Which exit?
If you have items to declare, please go to the Customs red point.
If you have nothing to declare:
  • If your journey started in a European Union country (your hold baggage will have a green-edged tag), use the blue exit.
  • If your journey began outside the European Union (your hold luggage will have a plain white tag), use the green exit.

It seems to me (call me crazy) that if you're going with color coding, you might stick with color coding.

But what the fuck do I know?

More breast cancer awareness stuff

Breast cancer, be aware of it. Here's a nearly nude Liam Neeson to help you understand that better.

Song of the Day: "Walk of Shame"

(h/t Smith for bringing this song to my attention)

I know what you're thinking: "You always say that but you never know what I'm thinking" and "Didn't you just post P!nk as a song of the day 2 days ago? Are you really that gay?!"

Colt Prattes
Yes, yes I did post a song from P!nk 2 days ago. You might recall her costar, one Colt Prattes (left).

P!nk herself is also in that video but I didn't find any pictures of her.

Anyway, more P!nk today because:

  1. Folks from my office are wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer
  2. Lyrically, this song is one that speaks to me and my friends (some of whose names I didn't quite get nor would I recognize in overhead lighting conditions)

Not my hand
Apparently I am out of pink apparel and, this being autumn, it's not readily available in the Portland metro area (at 8 p.m. on a Sunday).

Lucky for me, I am a D-I-Y ninja!

I simply jumped into my vehicle, drove to Fred Meyer, wandered around aimlessly, confirmed with a stock girl that there were no big-boy size shirts in pink that I was missing (plenty of orange, thanks Oregon State) and went to the dye section.

Which, it turns out, is near the stationary stationery (the stationery did not move while I was there) and then I bought some pink dye. Then I came home, handed a new t-shirt and a pack of dye to David and said "Do It, You!"

Colt Prattes

That's what D-I-Y means, to me anyway.

Now let's review the lyrics while we seek inspiration in one more photo of Colt who, strangely, isn't even in this video.
One step, two steps, counting tiles on the floor
Three steps, four steps, guess this means that I'm a whore
Uh-oh, hell no, how long till I reach the door?
Fuck me, my feet are sore

I'm wearing last night's dress and I look like a hot ass mess
Although my hair looks good cause I haven't slept yet!

Make the elevator come a little faster
I'm pushing all the buttons, but nothing's happening
Please God don't let anybody see me
Please God I'll do anything you ask of me
I promise, no more walks of shame

So walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)
Walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)

Last night's bubblegum, no more bubbles, no more yum
Where'd I get the wristband, tell me there's no tramp stamp
One two three shoot, no I know that shit ain't cute
But damn the man it sure is fun, to party 'til the sun wakes up

Okay now raise two hands if you've ever been guilty
And clap clap clap clap clap it out if you've walked with me

Make the elevator come a little faster
I'm pushing all the buttons, but nothing's happening
Please God don't let anybody see me
Please God I'll do anything you ask of me
I promise, no more walks of shame

So walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)
Walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)

I shouldn't have let
'Em take my keys, take my keys
Then left me here, with too much beer
My friends, they hung me out to dry
It's not my fault, and that's why
I'm doin' the walk of shame

Make the elevator come a little faster
I'm pushing all the buttons, but nothing's happening
Please God don't let anybody see me
Please God I'll do anything you ask of me
I promise, no more walks of shame

So walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)
Walk this way (we're walking, we're walking)

So walk this way...

Oh, and breast cancer, it's a thing! For reals!!! Now you're aware of it. You're welcome.

Song: "Walk of Shame"
Artist: P!nk

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Learn to play like Roddy Frame

Back in 1998 a coworker I was friendly with lamented the lack of real guitarists in the crop of musicians from the last XX years (who can recall, he's a Steely Dan dude to set the context). I loaned him Aztec Camera's 1993 Dreamland album. "Spanish Horses" amazes me--always has, still does. I'm sure if I'd taken more than 3 guitar lessons I would have gotten to a point where I didn't need to stop and look at the new chord positions, but who has time for a fourth lesson?

Less than a week until Roddy. Turns out I never mentioned the trip to my mother, which seems weird if you consider all the shit I've gone through. Or maybe she pays attention like I do. Exhibit B, your honor.

Oh, that former coworker wasn't impressed with Roddy's skills. I don't keep up with that dude any more (coworker, not Roddy, obvs).

Song of the Day: "Downwind"

Sean Rowe, formerly of Mudfunk and currently America's perkiest Tom Waits tribute act, provides today's song of the day from The Salesman and the Shark, his fourth solo album.

According to his entry on Wikipedia, he wrote his first song at age 7 after hearing Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." I could see that, Survivor probably influenced a lot of boys aged 5 to 9.

Song: "Downwind"
Artist: Sean Rowe