Saturday, October 20, 2012

Song of the Day: "Try"

Colt Prattes & Pink (not shown)

Would I post this song from P!nk as a song of the day if the talented Colt Prattes weren't in the video?

I don't know.


Sure, yes, totally.

Colt is an accomplished Broadway performer, but unlike Patti Lupone or Matthew Broderick, Colt also looks fucking amazing with no clothes on.
Take that Patti Lupone


Oh, and P!nk is also involved in this somehow.

Song: "Try"
Artist: P!nk

Friday, October 19, 2012

Phrase of the day: sex idiot

Runner up: "old men are funny"--I mean, I guess that's right. I don't know any personally. Certainly not the fat dude in the mirror.

Song of the Day: "Boxing Night"

Boxer briefs
This song was written on Boxing Day, inspired by a drunken night listening to Billy Joel, according to dude from Frightened Rabbit.

A better blogger would probably have looked his name up.

You should figure out what it is from that blog (or just go with "dude from Frightened Rabbit" since that's the important part).

Clark was impressed by the drummer. I don't know if you can discern that from this song, but it seemed worth mentioning since this makes the third song from a 5-song EP that I've used as song of the day, so it's unlikely I'll go back to that well again.

The show was great, and the drive back Thursday morning wasn't horrible.

Song: "Boxing Night"
Artist: Frightened Rabbit

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Song of the Day: "Time Spent"

Meyers Leonard, a new Portland Trail Mix
We made it to see Frightened Rabbit last night. Loved the show. Dude said they always put on a bad show in Portland because Portland is too much fun.

Damn skippy.

The openers, Arc in Round, give us today's song of the day. They are from Philly and have a presence (compliment).

Dude on the right had nothing to do with the band or the show, but you know me and the sports. He's a sports thing person type.

Basketing balls.

You know how I obsess.

Song: "Time Spent"
Artist: Arc in Round

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"I felt the rain and called it genius"

I am going to Eugene to see Frightened Rabbit.

Or so I claim at this point.

But I have a ticket and I prepaid a hotel room in a college town with drunken frat boys, so, you know, twist my arm.

And, shit, something something (saw a squirrel, you know how they are).

Oh, and THEN a week from today I am on jet planes, first to Seattle, then to Amsterdam then to Glasgow.

And THEN I'll likely watch Scotland's version of the Daily Show and nap. I do that. It's called vacationing.

Frightened Rabbit: 7 hours. Roddy Frame: 10 days-ish.

Song of the Day: "Say My Name"

When I ran across this song I forwarded it to the fabulous Clinton with this note: "The production is a reminder that I have not had a proper night out dancing in a long, long time." So you know what that means... (I'm looking for club drugs).

Actually I went to the doctor yesterday and told him I do not do any recreational drugs (at that very moment it was true... also I am out). Except ice cream. The nurse says that's not a recreational drug, but I told her it is the way I do it. 

Sadly I'm healthier when I have the flu for a week.

So I've got a 2 month period to get my numbers down (blood, weight). Fortunately this period includes Halloween and Thanksgiving which are the time I eat the least and exercise most.

Wait, that doesn't sound right at all.

Hmm, apparently my timing is bad. Once again.

Curse you bad timing!

Curse you.

Since that's the case, who has club drugs?

Song: "Say My Name"
Artist: Nicko (or possibly Nikos Ganos)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I survived the rapture

Clark sent me a text asking if I could see the sunrise from my desk (I think he was trying to underscore how pathetic my existence is by reminding me that I have a cubicle with no window... dickish, right?).

Turns out he was worried that it was the rapture. Or the Rapture. Or The Rapture™. Whatev.

If this had been an actual rapture you would have been instructed as to where your unmanning would happen.

Unless you're a heathen sinner.

As I, possibly, am.

But I like to see the glass as half full.

So I declare that I survived the rapture.

And I'll be coming for your Jet Ski, those of you who have gone to be with Jesus.

Both of you.

That's my estimate, that like 2 of you will go be with Jesus.

And one of you will have a Jet Ski that is left behind.

And that's where I come in.

Oh, and for no particular reason, there's a picture of my morning juice with a whole beet, some small apples, carrots, kale and parsley.

I need to get more limes and ginger cause that shit makes the juice SING!!!!

(Yes, I am gay, shut up.)

And finally, can I just declare the greatest thing of ever today is this (above), the magical screw.

$3.77 for a single screw.


Screw is right.

"You didn't need to go full John Boehner on the spray tan"

"Let me always be the one who's left behind when they dessert you"

Hmmm, is the lyric that's the title of this post dysfunctional? It's a got a built-in presumption that Lucia's going to be deserted. WHATEVER, I'm going to Scotland in a week (and a day, shut up).

And I didn't go to Seattle last night (fucking Frightened Rabbits show sold out), but I got a ticket for Eugene tomorrow (altogether now: bwahahahaha).

Song of the Day: "Sink or Swim"

Chapel Hill's The Old Ceremony's Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide is new. As a hipper-than-thou music fan, I only like OLD Old Ceremony (just like I only like OLD New Order), but, conveniently, since I'd never heard of them before this, this NEW Old Ceremony is OLD Old Ceremony as far as I'm concerned.

Easy breezy.

If you're curious, there are 4 older albums, just don't bother me with info about them (or, you know, put that info on YOUR blog, that will work). There's also a Whitesnake cover. Actually, it's a cover of "Here I Go Again" so I think we can all agree it's the Whitesnake cover (as in it's the only Whitesnake song worth covering)... I've typed Whitesnake a lot and it's still before 6 a.m.

Song: "Sink or Swim"
Artist: The Old Ceremony

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Who am I to qualify the contents of your heart"

Less than 2 weeks to go in my Roddy Frame countdown.

If something happens between now and October 27th and I don't live to see the show and you're reading this retrospectively, THIS POST is the point of inflection where you should start to infer foreboding. You're welcome.

Now someone please remind me to check the weather before I leave (maybe Clark will handle that).

Will I go see Frightened Rabbit in Seattle tonight? Still not sure (bwahahaha, probably no).

Quoth du jour

Paul Ryan at Ohio Soup Kitchen Via Joe. My. God.
"[S]ome might conclude that Ryan's appearance at the soup kitchen was nothing but a superficial, self-serving photo op designed to counter recent remarks from the GOP ticket that seem to show disdain for the poor. But no, the truth is that Ryan simply cares so much about America's non-income-tax-paying indigent that he thinks they deserve better than eating food from pots and pans that have only been cleaned once."--Dan Amira, New York magazine
Ugh, you people thought that was clean? Gross.

What kind of filth do you people live in? I don't even want to know.

Shudder. Other people are so gross. Paul Ryan knows. His OCD is laudable, really.

But you filthy people, tsk.

Even if you're poor, ESPECIALLY if you're poor, you kinda have an obligation to kick it up a notch. If you get a free lunch at least look presentable. Is that too much to ask?

It's not like you're busy working.

Song of the Day: "Everything is Embarrassing"

Sky Ferreira is a model AND an actress AND a singer AND a songwriter. I just sit in a cubicle, hang with the dogs and occasionally turn the world on with a smile via my blog.

Rinse, repeat.

And you?


So kudos to Sky.

Here's hoping her looks don't hold her back like Charlize Theron on Becky.

Rumor has it (or I'm confused) that this song is a companion in some ways to Solange's song last week. I'll believe it when I see it mashed up properly, by a negro and/or homosexual (as they do).

Song: "Everything is Embarrassing"
Artist: Sky Ferreira

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Song of the Day: "The Fall"

There's a lot to love about this new song from Rhye, not the least of which is the video.


Sorry, not sure what that was about. But if I've told you once from the front seat of my bright orange car with glowing badge, I've told you a thousand times, I am not going through a midlife crisis. Pay no attention to the 21-year old moving mowing my yard. He's just trying to get gas money, or something (dad's approval [I did not say that]).

Listen. Watch. Enjoy.

But keep that midlife crisis shit to yourself.

Song: "The Fall"
Artist: Rhye