Saturday, July 28, 2012

Song of the Day: "Whispers in the Dark"

Mumford's back.

He brought the boys.

New album soon.

In Speedo-clad news, congratulations to Ryan Lochte on winning another Gold medal, along with my heart (don't worry dude, we'll be over when diving begins).

And to Michael Phelps, who finished fourth, what did you expect, smoking pot. SIGH... You probably got so stoned you forgot how to swim or something. Or ate a baby before getting in the water. I hear pot makes you eat babies.

Song: "Whispers in the Dark"
Artist: Mumford and Sons

Friday, July 27, 2012

Song of the Day: "Good Time"

There's something a little specifically awesome about this pairing of Owl City with Carly Rae Jepsen. It's like a VERY special very special Blossom. Like when Vinnie got leukemia.

I'm sure this is the equivalent of "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)" for whoever is 12 today. Kids today wouldn't know a disco anthem if it brought them poppers and a tambourine. And what's with the pants, all hanging around the buttocks.

Song: "Good Time"
Artist: Owl City/Carly Rae Jepsen

When memes collide

They go boom.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I believe "self-evident" might apply here

(h/t Erin)
I can't believe some people find math hard.

I think teachers simply fail to make it relatable.

Or they are dumb.

(Or both.)

Song of the Day: "Pretty Funny"

Here's a melange of Broadway-related topics all in one big gay package. First, Jersey Boys, the Tony award-winning hit musical about the Four Seasons; when commercials started to air about 6 weeks ago Clark said something about wanting to see it. I'd heard nothing but great things about it, but then I'd heard nothing but great things about Billy Elliot: the Musical, so you never really know. When a half price ticket offer came through I bought a pair.

Because I don't always pay very close attention, they were in the orchestra pit, front row. The last time that happened I was looking up at Patti Lupone's nose hair in Sweeney Todd. The touring cast of Jersey Boys: fewer nose hairs than Patti Lupone! The musical is fun if not basic: when narrators tell you exactly what's happening through an entire play, you can pack a lot of hit songs in without trying to make the songs an illustration of the plot (the genius of Mamma Mia is how they make doing that look easy). I may yet try this with the music of Spandau Ballet (you've been warned--if I ever invite you to a "workshop" it's probably wise to claim other plans).

Jersey Boys original cast (not shown)
Big Gay John and I were in New York City for the Broadway Bares benefit the year JBoys opened. Broadway Bares is a very special benefit wherein chorus boys and chorus girls take their clothes off. BGJohn and I are both big charity dudes. 

Philanthropists, really.

In addition to the revenue for the tickets, the various performers also dance for tips at the show's cheerful conclusion. 

Philanthropists who carry a pack of singles.

Russell Tovey
Since the event is as much a celebration of the Broadway community as it is a fantastic way for philanthropists like me to interact with young talent, every show on Broadway sends at least 1 performer to appear. The JBoys cast were tastefully clad in board shorts. After a tragic Speedo injury sidelined Tony winner Richard Griffiths, History Boys sent Russell Tovey. Since History Boys is not a musical and Tovey not a dancer, he seemed very lonely gyrating in a corner in a tasteful black Speedo (Griffiths had an excessively spangly thong, so you can imagine Tovey would err for safety).

That's how I first met Russell, and the beginning of our whirlwind 3 month romance (of course, you read People, you already know all this stuff).

Anyway, Jersey Boys: women, you can take your husbands and they won't get too bored! Straight guys, if you want bonus points with your parents, take them (and actually go along with them). Spoiler alert: Joe Pesci!!!

Second piece of Broadway news: Bring It On: The Musical: Kelly's Tony-winning brother (as opposed to her Grammy-winning brother) returns to Broadway with an adaptation of the movie with the exact name, less "the musical." In addition to Jeff, there's dude from the musical with all the Mexicans (the guy who sweetly told Stephen Sondheim he made a hat during his Tony acceptance speech [which is awesome if you have enough credits for a Theater minor]) and the one with the bipolars handling the creative. Hooray! Cross your fingers for good reviews.

And finally, BGJohn reports back from a busy week in NYC. His favorite show? A musical that's also just opening on Broadway (he saw its last off-B show), Dogfight, The Musical, based on Nancy Savoca's 1991 movie starring Lily Taylor and a not-as-yet-deceased River Phoenix. He said before he saw it, Tony-winner Once was his favorite. This is the random song I found; I have no idea if it's one of the better songs or not, but I'm going with it because it's kinda sweet. I'm not sure if Shoshana Bean (singing here) was who he saw, but he did praise the men in the cast (and possibly offer to praise them more--call him [especially if you don't know what chloroform smells like]). I kid... (he has a man-sized safe in his basement). So a tip of the hat to Big Gay John, congratulations on your cathartic vacation.

Song: "Pretty Funny"
Artist: Shoshana Bean/cast of Dogfight the Musical

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oddly Framed Song of Optimism

First, yes, I get that I'm totally inconsistent with capitalization of my blog posts ("sentence case" vs. "title case"). It keeps me up nights, but hopefully my therapist will work me through this.

I'm going to Scotland.

I think.

I mean, I'm intending to and even have a plane ticket and even have a passport that appears on schedule for renewal in another 2-3 weeks. I just expect things to change on everything, so "I think." I don't think I have a bucket list, but somehow seeing Roddy Frame live has taken on a bucket list quality.

The re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-revised date for the end of the world is now during the Olympics, so over the next 3 weeks. This is according to Clark who may have given me similar information 226 times since 2007. I guess we'll see.

Anyway, part of my enthusiasm (remember it's me, so a very muted enthusiasm) is based on some fantastic videos a dude posted to the youtubes last year from one of Roddy's few 2011 gigs. Roddy is like a musical Loch Ness monster, only seen by a few and very rarely. And Scottish.

Dude's youtubes account is gone (or the Roddy videos got zapped) but it's entirely possible that Batman got copies. Of course this isn't that, because that might be subject to some kind of copyright claim. This is simply Oddly Framed with a song that seems like it might sound like "Bigger Brighter Better" but it totally isn't. As you can plainly hear.

Maybe someone out there will search for an Oddly Framed song and find this before the copyright peeps smack me down. And to them I say "you're welcome."

Song of the Day: "Bad Religion"

Frank Ocean
I think maybe the most striking thing about Frank Ocean isn't that he had the courage to come out in an pretty racist homophobic industry, but that he's an R&B/hip hop artist named Frank.

Not MaJajick or D'glow or Izraelll.

All of those names patent pending, by the way.

The song title reminds me of the band of the same name which reminds me of the 1990 hit "20th Century Digital Boy" and when I did a search on that (because who am I if not a man who is easily distracted) I found the image below.

I've actually already forgotten who that is, except it's not Frank Black, Billy Ocean, Frank Ocean or any member of Bad Religion. That may or may not be a gun in his pocket, he may or may not just be glad to see me. And he might be a surfer of some kind. It's the gratuitous beefcake that actually drives visitors to my blog, so learn to cope.

Frank Ocean opens for Coldplay when they tour somewhere at some time. I assume if you have tickets you saw his name on there.

Song: "Bad Religion"
Artist: Frank Ocean

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Song of the Day: "Settle Down"

No Doubt
Adrian Young and the rest of No Doubt are back with Push and Shove.

Adrian doesn't like to wear clothes, so obviously I'm a big fan.

I try not to single out other members of the band, although her husband is kinda cute.

And I love that they provided Mark Hollis with a lovely retirement. Lovely. I'm sure thousands of people heard the original years after their version and were surprised. Their Naked Eyes moment.

Song: "Settle Down"
Artist: No Doubt

Monday, July 23, 2012

Song of the Day: "Winner"

Thanks to the NCAA's ruling on Penn. State, I am now the winner of the 2006 Orange Bowl (someone has to be), so this new track from Pet Shop Boys celebrates both me and the transgendered (congratulations Ann[drew] Coulter, that makes 2 songs for you this year!!!).

If this song hasn't already been mashed-up with "Born This Way" or "Edge of Glory" then millenials really are lazy.

Oh, hey, here's a cool idea: let's have a Lady Gaga/Pet Shop Boys concert right outside one of the Westboro Baptist's Sunday services!!! Oh, wait, they don't actually HAVE services, they just protest. Just like God said in the Bible (FUN FACT: There's more in the book than just Leviticus).

Song: "Winner"
Artist: Pet Shop Boys

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Song of the Day: "The Piper"

For nearly 30 years, Paul Weller has challenged me to stay complete on his music by constantly releasing new tracks as b-sides. About 12 years ago that started to really annoy me.

Then I got the Style Council box set, making a mockery of many trips to Wax & Facts and/or Turtle's on Buford Highway.

Weller continues to release new* b-sides, even in an era when most music has no physical sides to consider A or B. My new philosophy with respect to this is generally "meh." Or possibly "meh, what's on TV?" I wouldn't know about this track were it not for the multiple emails I get from Weller because apparently I am inconsistent with which email address I give out, and with an auto-forward on one of them, I see every email at least 3 times. If only there were an unsubscribe option...

But here's what's important: the song is fucking great.

So thanks for making a mockery of my current philosophy, P.W. Maybe you'd like to set off some fireworks to freak out my dogs while you're at it.

Song: "The Piper"
Artist: Paul Weller

* The definition of "new" is subject to debate as apparently this track has been released as a b-side with earlier singles from whatever this album is called.