Saturday, July 21, 2012

Emmy nominations and shoulda beens (part 1)

I know, how can you even begin to process the 2012 Emmy nominations without me weighing in first? I didn't even do my documented-as-effective "for your consideration" posts this year, which is why some folks missed out on nominations (I'm sure) but there are a surprising number of noms that make me happy, even if I can't claim personal responsibility.

As they are both on HBO, I am inferring that the many nominations for Girls and Veep are as much about HBO as about the shows being good. HBO's original programs have a halo not unlike Apple products.

And Don Cheadle has a show now?

Congratulations to Mayim Bialik for her first Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress on The Big Bang Theory. I'm not saying she was robbed for her work as TV's Blossom, but I'm not saying she wasn't robbed either. And where is Jenna Van Oy these days? And I wrote that name from memory.

I want the adult actors in Modern Family to submit themselves as lead actors so the kids can compete in supporting.  All 6 adults are nominated. Meanwhile Glee has 3 total nominations.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Max Greenfield among the Best Supporting Actor nominees. I actually think Jake M. Johnson is a better actor, but Greenfield is shameless about appearing shirtless. It's nice to see Bill Hader nominated for SNL--he's an Emmy winner from 2009 as a producer of South Park. I expect Ed O'Neill to win, based on nothing more than he hasn't yet and possibly some sentimentality or something. Or Ty Burrell again, cause he's teh awesum.

Guest Actress in a Comedy Kathy Bates for an episode of Two and a Half Men was one of the FYC things I didn't do. She was fantastic in a brief role. Her competition includes Dot-Marie Jones, who got abused by Cooter in teh Gleez, and Melissa McCarthy who rocked SNL (I can't watch Mike & Molly). They missed Mary Steenburgen on 30 Rock and Lindsay Pearce for Glee, both of whom are better than Margaret Cho (LOVE HER) as Kim Jong Il (just not that much in that role).

On the Guest Actor in a Comedy side they missed Billy Baldwin, 30 Rock,  and Alex Newell, Glee. So I'm all in rooting for Will Arnett, 30 Rock. Greg Kinnear was on Gay Dads last year?

Okay, I'm bored, more later.

Song of the Day: "The Theory of Relativity

Stars, yes, Canada.

Song: "The Theory of Relativity"
Artist: Stars

Friday, July 20, 2012

Song of the Day: "Charmer"

I was sure I posted this yesterday, but apparently I did not. It's new from Aimee Mann.

I'm in Seattle now, just blocks from where I saw her live, like 12 years ago. I've also seen her live in Portland, so this is less of a big deal than you might think.

Song: "Charmer"
Artist: Aimee Mann

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bringing kids back into the conservative fold

Even more stunninger photo of Mars

(h/t Mashable)

NASA released high resolution photos of the surface of Mars, but their failure to annotate 1 key photo leaves us all lacking.

Fortunately I am here and have PowerPoint. You're welcome world. I don't expect a Nobel Prize for this, but I won't say no.

Click images to embiggen. You know you want to.
NASA's un-annotated photo
My awesomely annotated photo
Obviously Luke Skywalker is goofing off on the surface of Mars.

Whiny dumbass.

More excellence in advertising

Why don't I have a case of this product?!

Song of the Day: "There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight"

I know what you're thinking (I always do): "why are you using a song from a 2-year old album as song of the day" and also "you look nice in that shirt, that color brings out the soulful nature in your eyes, so handsome..."

Well, Cloud Control offered 1 of the 2 non-stripping-ish songs from last night's wonderful Magic Mike (the other being future Best Original Song nominee Matthew Machouniforgethowhespellsit's "Ladies of Tampa") and my morning is still awash in the dreamy deliciousness of the wonderful morality play that is Magic Mike. Liquor and GHB and pot are fine, but do NOT give ecstasy to girls you don't know. In fact, all things considered, just stay away from girls.

Girls are bad news!!! Unless they are somehow related to someone at the company responsible for distributing the movie. A little nepotism goes a long way! And a lot of nepotism can get your movie distributed a LONG LONG way.

Which is good.

Girls are good for some things.

Like getting your movie distributed.

Possibly other things, just, you know, nothing pops into my head now.

PS, I shamelessly took this photo collage from someone's website and then cropped out their logo. Why? Because they used a bunch of photos that weren't theirs (like I do all the time) and then put their own fucking logo on it (which I don't do, primarily as I don't have a logo [yet]). So fuck them.

Oh, and Sonya has given me the new nickname "Big Dick Richie" and who am I to argue with Sonya. She's known me such a long time. And also that could mean "enormous asshole Richie" so it's not even false advertising, should I, cough, disappoint a size queen. Although, let's be honest, size queens are always disappointed. If only they had less capacious asses...

The band is Cloud Control, they are Australian, and their song "Just for Now" played during the boat ride to the sandbar party. This isn't that. But Carol Channing Tatun O'Neal did look good in the board shorts. And out of them. 10 thumbs up!!!

Song: "There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight"
Artist: Cloud Control

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Song of the Day: "Cold Feet"

You know how it is when you get one of those PR emails from a music type, and you're tempted to file it away for later? Exactly.

Except I didn't and now I'm super-digging this Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders. I think of them as Goth Americana but that's totally a Cure-ish/Bunnymen-ish guitar sound, so maybe it's not even Americana, maybe I'm just making that shit up to add "value." I am angling for a job with the Romney administration come January. Perhaps I can be on one of the Romneycare Death Panels that gets established after they FINALLY repeal Obamacare and their odious Death Panels.

At 1:10 is he singing about Matt Damon? I don't think so, but just checking...

OMG this looks a lot like Rumblefish. Remember that movie? Me neither (too young). Rumblefish. Sigh. That was Matt Dillon, not Matt Damon. 

OMG was he singing about Matt Dillon at 1:10? I can't tell (too young).

Regardless of how much you love (and you do) or hate my rambling, check out the song. If only to tell me if this is about Matt D**on (either of them).

Song: "Cold Feet"
Artist: Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders

Monday, July 16, 2012

Song of the Day: "Ho Hey"

I told Smith the name of this song was "Hey Ho" and he said "so it's a greeting" and thus it is today's SOTD. I reversed the word order, so it's more of a surprised reaction to the presence of a ho, should you, cough, ever meet or know one.

The band is the Lumineers. Or possibly Lumineers The, given my inattention to detail sometimes.

It really does remind me of "Gold" from Once.

Song: "Ho Hey"
Artist: The Lumineers

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Song of the Day: "So On Nevada"

I finally got Maraqopa, the 11th studio album from Damien Jurado, through my socialist public library earlier this month. It's easy to get lost in Damien's albums, there's a plaintive through-line, a hazy quality that makes it easy to drift in and out of the songs.

Not Damien Jurado
Thinking back to Water Ave S I remember references to Arizona, Ohio. I picked this song to continue the geography lessons from Damien. It's gray, rainy and significantly cooler outside today (yesterday was in the 80s--this summer is oppressive). The song fits with a day like this (nearly every one of his songs fits with a day like this). And I'm too tired to look for pics of men in Speedos. I mean, aside from this one...

Song: "So On Nevada"
Artist: Damien Jurado