Saturday, June 9, 2012

The journey to Babel goes via St. John's

August is gonna be here pretty soon, isn't it.

And the awesomeness that is Star Trek in the Park returns for its fourth season. They're leaving their too small but OMG so convenient location at Woodlawn Park for the scenic, and possibly haunted, Cathedral Park. I can't walk to Cathedral Park.

I mean, I can, it's just way too far. And not in August. Still, viva NoPo!

... what?

If you don't want me to make bitchy ecards, cause less drama

Song of the Day: "It's Only Life"

Today is a good day. For once in a good long time, today is a good day. It started when my phone rang: Clark called. He summoned me to pick him up, as he was ready to go home (d'oh, sorry). I threw on clothes, jumped in the car and realized, hey, Clark doesn't know about the strictly enforced no visitors from 7 to 8 (a.m. and p.m.). Thus my heading to see him at 6:50 a.m. was really a wasted effort. I called back, made sure he knew, and I was there at 8:15.

This track from The Shins played when I was parking, and maybe it's thematically appropriate, maybe it's not. Apparently most symbolism is in the eye of the beholder (the really cool or intricate ones of mine are totes planned, just to be clear--the clunky obvious shit, that's all you).
Well I guess it's only life, it's only natural
We all spend a little while going down the rabbit hole
The things they taught you, they're lining up to haunt you
You got your back against the wall
I call you on the telephone, won't you pick up the receiver?
I'll be heading up there at the 7 to 8 downtime to take him Melancholia to watch in my iPad (hey, tomorrow's his birthday, it's the least I could do). And to hopefully ease a little of the "surprise, your mother is here having driven 3 days while you were in a 'coma'" thing. When my dad saw me after his heart attack (I hadn't planned on going home that Christmas) he knew something big had gone down. I got to ease Clark into that a little this morning, but we also asked the nurse for Xanax for him. You have a mom, you might understand.

Midge is hanging on which is a huge relief for me. Weds. morning was not pleasant, so I'm sure the other shoe will drop soon.

And this comes from Erin, for me, Midge and the gang. I have no idea why she is apologizing. I totally agree.

Song: "It's Only Life"
Artist: The Shins

Friday, June 8, 2012

Song of the Day: "Every Single Night"

Midge with thunder
Fiona Apple's new album is called "The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do." I guess Bloom or Discord or Pretentiousness Embodied were already taken (hate it when that happens).

I am waiting for a Xanax to kick in. Clark is off the ventilator and, unknown to him, his mom is heading this way and will be there at the hospital tomorrow -- I tried to go warn him, but taking a shower sucked all my energy, so screw it, it's now a birthday surprise. This is what he gets for letting medical stuff go too far before dealing with it. Let him be a lesson to all of you as well.

And don't run out of Xanax (my lesson from earlier) -- it's the only way I'll get through the next 72 hours I'm thinking. Oh, yeah, we had thunder and lightning, Midge hates those. I've kept her alive this long, I am not accepting a thunder-induced attack thingy now. Fuck that.

Now enjoy the landscaping that I scheduled to happen today, not expecting to be laid up in bed trying to rest (nothing like having a flurry of random workers coming and going on all sides of the house to help the dogs help me nap... but Kathyn did great at planning so let me know if you want a landscape designer who's pretty fucking inexpensive).

Song: "Every Single Night"
Artist: Fiona Apple

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Song of the Day: "My Mistakes"

Later, when I'm feeling better, we should discuss how I confused this with some established artist, like Pete Shelley. We'll all laugh.

Song: "My Mistakes"
Artist: Eleanor Friedberger

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Song of the Day: "The House That Heaven Built"

Japandroids provide a nice aural representation of my current physical condition. I have not bathed since Monday and I'm pretty sure I smell like instant soup mix. My doctor says the people with colds come in from work, the people with the flu come in from home. I have the flu.

There is possibly an Aesop's fable lesson in leaving Clark's shit alone after he goes to the hospital, but I'm on codeine so I have no idea what it might be.

Song: "The House That Heaven Built"
Artist: Japandroids

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Song of the Day: "Come See About Me"

I'm feeling like shit today--it hurts to cough and sneeze and yet my body seems to want to do both things despite, you know, the pain. Dumbass body.

I'm not sure why I am so intrigued by this album from Rita Wilson -- she did Chicago on Broadway a few years ago and, unlike, say, Melanie Griffith, I think she got invited back (UPDATE: oh, snap, Melanie's run was longer than Rita's, apologies all around). The songs I've heard are all rather nice covers; there's a warm 70s Rita Coolidge feeling here.

But I think, deep down, this project from Rita makes me think that, sooner or later, we will see the long-overdue triumphant return of Pam Dawber. Those kids will be grown and out of the house eventually, Mark Harmon, and you can't keep all that light under your own private bushel. That's just tacky. Pam Dawber belongs to the world and the world wants her back!

And Rita, very good, nice job. But we all know you're no Pam Dawber.

Song: "Come See About Me"
Artist: Rita Wilson

The more things change...

Midge 2003
Midge 2012
At this point my life has become a strange juggling act, trying to keep Midge around long enough for Clark,  trying to keep Clark around enough for Midge, trying to keep his 26 aunts from Texas from calling ICU overwhelming them with questions, and, of course, keeping to my intense training schedule.

Well something had to give and I guess it was the training since I have an upper respiratory infection (oh god I hope it isn't pneumonia). I took more NyQuill (store brand, whatev) and will be sleeping soon. The Clark health update: they've reverted him to the original sedative and ventilator, probably on that until tomorrow, surely in ICU until Weds. night at least (probably Thursday is more likely, but still possibly optimistic).

The Midge health update: she takes her pain meds if I mix them in pineapple sherbet. So she's enjoying a lot of that these days. And she's still hanging on.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Song of the Day: "Sunday Drive"

SPOILER ALERT: The lady was the hawk.
Ladyhawke's debut album, back in 2008, landed her at #18 on my top 50 singles for that year ("Paris is Burning") and also #5 for 2009 ("My Delirium"), so, obviously me and Ms. Hawke go way back.

Anxiety, her second outing as a solo peep, is out now and while I only discovered that this morning, it's already a song of the day.


Song: "Sunday Drive"
Artist: Ladyhawke

It's not a lot to ask, is it?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

They're not table lamps or scones either

Pets aren't the only thing that's huge on Twitterzes -- Lady Gaga and political crackpots are too! And wanna be comedy writers (me, I"m already hysterical, but others exist as well).

Take, for example, the Grass Roots Revolt peeps. They do not want Socialism in the USA and will REVOLT. Which is teh awe-sum. They want to insure (sic) this country is not run by Socialist (sic) like Obama and Pelosi.

Since Obama and Pelosi are less like Socialists than, say, my mop is a Socialist, I'd say no worries there. Obama and Pelosi also aren't feral cats, migrant workers and members of the 1979 Denver Nuggets, so if there are objections to any of those running the country, all clear.

GRR (oooh, I like the acronym, it's got onomatopoeia, which is like Wessonality but with words) tweets about a video that is 94% accurate, although if one of the inaccuracies is how accurate the video actually is, your mileage may vary.  I'm not going to link to the dude's web page, but, SPOILER ALERT: Obama's place of birth is tremendously important.

And also: Warning: Missing argument 2 for wp_widget() in /home/content/o/b/a/obamacrimes/html/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 76 (sic--that's his HTML error, not mine, just sharing)

They're also not Ewoks, but they could become Kardashians (who are, technically, huge on Twittersezes).

Song of the Day: "We Can't Be Beat"

This may or may not have something to do with this song.

Heaven is the seventh album from the Walkmen. Time flies when you're only vaguely aware of a band, it seems.

This song features dude from Fleet Foxes, elsewhere on the album dude from Cocteau Twins appears.

The mood of the song is pensive, I'm feeling pensive (the songs aren't always a direct reflection of my mood, I'm rarely that organized) -- the Clark health update is that he has been sedated so he will stop struggling with his breathing tube (and also, quite possibly, because the nurses were tired of hearing about the Trilateral Commission, chemtrails and the coming destruction from Nibiru). He's on a breathing tube because of a major asthma attack and the attack was caused by the flu. Plain old flu. He's now got an infection so there are antibiotics but, long story short, DRAMA!

One of these days I want to be the drama, shit.

Oh, and lyrically, there was a Duke of Earl but no Earl of Duke?

Song: "We Can't Be Beat"
Artist: The Walkmen