Saturday, March 17, 2012

Song of the Day: "Sensitive Man"

Sir Nick Lowe wrote this track after reading a biography of Sam Cooke, but I hear all kinds of Rick Nelson in it ("Traveling Man" anyone? anyone? Bueller?)...

The video features no less than the voice of Dr. Rusty Venture. Take that, no one in particular! The fact that you see but don't hear James Urbaniak in no way diminishes this. At all.

Wilco and Robyn Hitchcock and dude from that show and Marc Maron, who is NOT the guy who killed himself, also in it.

Song: "Sensitive Man"
Artist: Nick Lowe

Friday, March 16, 2012

On uppity women and sluts

(h/t Sonya)

OMG, what is the deal with women girls these days?! First they have the audacity to not want cervical cancer, or they pretend to not want it to justify their getting Gardasil, so they can be total sluts.

That is the only reason a girl would want Gardasil: to be a slut.

Then they sent some slut to Congress to testify about how she needs to get paid so she can have sex, or something. I don't know, Rush wasn't particularly clear and he's changed his story on that one. But you know she's a total slut.

OH, HEY, here's a great joke: What's the difference between a bitch and a slut? A slut has sex with anyone, and a bitch has sex with anyone but you!

Where was I? Oh, right, slutty bitches and bitchy sluts seem to have a new champion, a Nina Turner from the Ohio State Senate. And in addition to her being a slut and a bitch she is also uppity. You can just tell by looking at her (if you know what I am saying and I think you do because OBVIOUSLY she is black and we AMERICANS don't like it when people in authority are black... and exert power... she's probably Muslim or Kenyan or a pirate or something).

Listen to her going on, blah blah blah "my vagina" blah blah blah "pay me for sex" I can't even listen.

You go girl!!! Into the  kitchen and make me a sandwich!

(OMG if you don't know I'm kidding I don't even know what to do with you.)

Senator Turner, I am awarding you the second Sugarbaker Award for Strong Southern Women (named after Dixie Carter's character in Designing Women, and yes, I am gay).

Song of the Day: "My Better Self"

Ultimate Babe of
the Universe
Jim Courier
When you listen to this track from Tennis you won't wonder why I fell instantly in love with the band.

You might wonder why I hesitated, and waited a full 24 hours before buying the album.

Or, like me, you'll wonder how it is that they're from Denver. Denver!!!

The one in Colorado. The one where they kill family pets if they decide they are "pit bulls."

But the pit bulls thing isn't the confusing part with respect to the band. It's just... they're not British? WHA?

Young & Old, their second album, was released last month and I'm downloading it from Amazon as I type this. I have their first on order from my library. Sometimes you get $ from me, sometimes you don't.

Song: "My Better Self"
Artist: Tennis

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Song of the Day: "Some Nights"

H/T to the boss (Darrin, not Springsteen) for bringing in the fun. album the other day. Otherwise I might never have known their vaguely Queen-esque sound which isn't too bad. And by that I mean pretty good. Check this shit out...

Song: "Some Nights"
Artist: fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

C'mon Chan Man!

Hepatitis A, you can also get it from butt sex... or so I've heard.

Song of the Day: "Robin Egg Blue"

Another track from Cass McCombs and his Humor Risk album.

Song: "Robin Egg Blue"
Artist: Cass McCombs

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Song of the Day: "Easy Money"

Everything I've read about Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball album suggests that I would hear a distinct through line, that it was a concept album about avarice and decay. I wonder if the reviewers are all operating from the same talking points issued by Columbia Records, or what -- there are certainly songs that touch on that thematically, but to me it's as much about Bruce still haunted by Tom Joad (which, I guess, has parallels).

Regardless, this song stands out as one of the best in my never-humble opinion, and Paddy McAloon owes Bruce an apology. Or maybe that fact that you have no idea who Paddy is, is all you need to know.

Song: "Easy Money"
Artist: Bruce Springsteen

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Billie Thomas

Is it weird that 1930s Our Gang short films have more racial diversity than CBS's Monday night line-up, right? As Buckwheat, Thomas is iconic -- and is probably the biggest child star of color until Gary Coleman (or am I overlooking someone?).

There are complaints that Buckwheat was just a perpetuation of pickaninny characters, as if Alfalfa and Spanky were somehow non-caricature. So long as everyone's a type, no one's a type. And Buckwheat was an equal among the gang.

After Our Gang, Thomas served in the army and worked as a film technician and editor for Technicolor.

10 years after Thomas's death, 20/20 interviewed a man claiming to be Buckwheat who had become a grocery bagger in Arizona. But that was before Twitter and no one likes to do research.

More recently Corey Poitier referred to Barack HUSSEIN Obama as "Buckwheat" when discussing Obamacare and the fact that you have no fucking idea who he is, tells you all you need to know.

Happy birthday Billie. Rest in peace.

Crappy Birthday Mittens Romney



(This birthday message is in binary code. The Romneybot will understand.)

Song of the Day: "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"

What do lesbians do after the first date? Rent a U-Haul
What do gay men do after then first date? Exchange names*
This might go a long way to explain why I do a bad job at remembering names as, cough, "culturally" they haven't been very important to my people. Or maybe I just don't like expending effort on things that are so fluid -- there are probably a dozen "rules" of grammar that have disappeared since I was in a formal English class, but my trusty math remains constant... like a constant (math humor).

So when I tell you that Father John Misty is dude from Fleet Foxes, don't even worry about it. I think he was (past tense) in FF and is no longer. But it's changeable. He was in FF when he was, so it might be that he will be again later when is again. Or not. But when/if I have sex with him, I probably wouldn't need to know his name (if history serves [although history, subject to change, apparently]).

Oh, and "Father John Misty" is not his real name. Like Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Jay-Z and Prince's symbol name (also FUCK PRINCE), he's using a different performing name even though he's a solo artist.

* The judges would also accept "what's a date" as a response for gay men.

Song: "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"
Artist: Father John Misty

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2011 Music: Top 10 Songs

I have a wickedly smart coworker (several actually), but this specific dude is fluent in multiple languages and understands dialects and semaphores and shit. I studied math as a way of avoiding a foreign language requirement and use "dude" as a default noun to an extent that I might be concerned were I not so otherwise awesome. Recently he characterized something as having a "poetic dual meaning." In that case it applied to a common term that applies to something very utilitarian and something else very emotional.
I need someone to put this weight on. "Marvins Room"
Poetic dual meaning isn't my phrase, but Drake has a lyric in "Marvins Room" (no apostrophe) that has stayed in my head for months, and that's the best way to explain part of the song's appeal. Drake recorded Take Care in the same studio that Marvin Gaye used for his emotionally candid album Here, My Dear, and the song seems inspired, or possibly haunted by, Gaye's album. (Pitchfork explains it well here.)

It's entirely possible I wouldn't love the song so much had I not also loved JoJo's response "Can't Do Better" (#21), but what's more remarkable is that I felt this urge to write about a song that wasn't even my #1 song for the year. Or even #2.

With "This is Why We Fight" I predicted a Top 10 ranking back in January. And "Brendan's Death Song" defies a clear explanation -- I found the song notable when I listen to the album, and all the more remarkable when I read about its origin. If you never need proof that I'm cynically optimistic (as opposed to cheerfully pessimistic), consider that I couldn't let a year as shitty as 2011 end with a drunk dialing lament, even one so fine.

10 'Time Spent in Los Angeles' Dawes
9 'First Light' My Morning Jacket
8 'It's Real' Real Estate
7 'Never Pay for the Farm' Gang of Four
6 'Helena Beat' Foster the People
5 'I Really Need Love' The Bees
4 'The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala' Arctic Monkeys
3 'Marvins Room' Drake
2 'This is Why We Fight' The Decemberists
1 'Brendan's Death Song' Red Hot Chili Peppers

Happy Birthday Smith

My friend/former co-worker is now my friend/FORMER former co-worker, as it should be... until I quit.

Or get fired.


This reminds me of a song from Wicked although it shouldn't.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

Song of the Day: "The Carter Barron"

I was surprised to read that this track from Oddisee is from an instrumental album what with there being, um, singing.

Except maybe it isn't -- I mean, obvs it's a dude's voice, but what if that was sampled?

Would that count as instrumental? Would that negate instrumental? THAT'S how I'm spending my Sunday morning afternoon (time change, fuck).

Song: "The Carter Barron"
Artist: Oddisee