Saturday, February 25, 2012

Song of the Day: "If I Die Young"

Clark said he told me about this song several weeks ago, which is entirely possible. I used SoundHound to identify the song while trying to figure which radio station in Denver I should be listening to, unaware that I'd set up SoundHound to automatically tweet every tag. True story.

It's the Band Perry (as opposed to a band, Perry) and this may be the first time I've heard them.

Song: "If I Die Young"
Artist: The Band Perry

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ich bin ein Michigander

The hypothesis is not rejected.
When one thinks of biped male mammals who ended their final trimester of gestation in the North American geographic sub-division titled Michigan, one always thinks of the biped male known colloquially as Mittens Romney. No other biped male receives such highly correlated associations with the state as Mittens.

Mittens has demonstrated his genuine underlying emotion, commonly called affection, for the geographic division of the nation that is the site of his birth by publicly mentioning all the things. From aquatic boundaries and contained aquatic accumulations, to appropriately sized flora, to non-specific manufacturing output that is no longer actually manufactured within the geographic boundaries of discussion. The emotional connection he has for each of these is greater than neutral which we can all agree is a positive situation vis-à-vis all the things.

Other biped males may assert similar associative claims, but none have as much validity including both translation and content-related. To affirm this, internally process this audio recording titled "Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)" by the biped male with the common name Sufjan Stevens.

Song of the Day: "The First Time I Ran Away"

My Portland neighbor, M. Ward (I call him "M.") has a new solo album coming out in March (or April) -- I sense some kind of mix-tape with M. and El Debrage, S. Epatha Merkerson and O. Henry in Chris Wilson's future, btw. The new album is called A Wasteland Companion. That's all I've got...

Song: "The First Time I Ran Away"
Artist: M. Ward

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Song of the Day: "Deep Ellum Blues"

Levon Helm picked up another Grammy a few days/weeks ago -- I think it's his second third since 2007. It's a live album, at the Ryman.

Oh, and he sings "The Weight" which is kind of a big deal, since according to J-Rod Helm got fucked over on the song's writing credit and (more importantly) its publishing $$$.

This track stood out when I listened to the album, and I didn't realize that it's been covered by Dylan and the Grateful Dead (I'm too impatient for jam bands) -- "Deep Elm Blues" is an old folk song from the turn of the century. I wonder if Robbie Robertson wrote that one too.

Song: "Deep Ellum Blues"
Artist: Levon Helm

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Song of the Day: "Between the Cheats"

Another track from Amy Winehouse's Lioness. I wonder what the Whitney Houston's cohort will be called.

Song: "Between the Cheats"
Artist: Amy Winehouse

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Puppy!!! (or Rebel at the beach)

Rest in peace dude.

Song of the Day: "Dark Star"

Polica ("Poe Lisa" according to this) are a duo from Minneapolis that sound something like a trippy Beth Orton to me (which is a compliment--hey, whatever happened to Beth Orton anyway?), and Give You the Ghost is their debut album.

Recent Grammys (plural) winner Justin Vernon says they're the best band he's ever heard. (SIGH: Bon Overkill)

Song: "Dark Star"
Artist: Polica

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dad's Spain trip update

(h/t Becky)

Happy President's Day Y'all

Song of the Day: "Hallways"

Today's new musical genre: Doom Wop. This isn't from that genre, but I thought you'd want to be aware of it anyway (and we get here, as always, through some random tangent on which I can never seem to resist going off [on]--in this case, it was research today's band [Canadian] and reading about a side project [WTF side projects? who still needs elective credits in their life?]).

The band is Islands and I think it came across then when I was looking up info on dude from The Weakerthans (turns out all Canadian musicians know each other--and they're either members of New Pornographers, Arcade Fire, Metric and/or Broken Social Scene [Anne Murray is a member of all 4, but then she is a national treasure]).

Song: "Hallways"
Artist: Islands

Daniel won't shut up about the place

I got 2 copies of this email in my inbox this morning. Apparently my dad took a trip to Spain and got into some financial trouble and needs help, and AND he decided to use the very exact form letter that 8 other people I don't know have also sent me. It's an amazing coincidence, all these problems, in Spain, and the wording, so exactly alike. And I talked to Dad on Saturday morning, and he didn't say a thing about the trip.
I know this is very sudden and a lot to ask for but I am in a serious fix and in need of your help. I made a quick trip to Spain and just last night my bag containing my phone, money and some personal stuff got stolen. My bank card is missing and I can't access the ATM as planned. I contacted the bank to report the theft but It would take 3-5 working days to retrieve my Debit and credit cards. Please can I get a loan for $1000 to cover my expenses or anything you can afford to lend me? You'll have it as soon as I get home next week. Please let me know if you can help so I tell you how to get it across to me. Thanks.
They say Spain is pretty, though I've never been. Wow, that sounds so narcissistic. Why didn't I just say I hear Spain is pretty and leave my own interactions with the country out of it? Hmmm...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Notes on Moneyball

As the ship long ago sailed on Oscar nominations, I won't go too deep into what I (cough) totally would have predicted correctly, and say that I really liked the movie. John didn't care for it as much, I don't think, but I think he has a more traditional/sentimental movie preference and this has a bit of a 70s movie feel where the protagonist never wins, even when he/she wins.

Best Picture, Best Actor (for Brad Pitt, who actually is a nominated producer for the film's Best Picture nomination) and Best Adapted Screenplay were pretty strong locks, and I don't know if I would have characterized Jonah Hill's performance as anything more than a dark horse at getting a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The most surprising nomination, and the one I'm most pleased with, is for the movie's sound. Since silence is a big part of the movie's sound I don't know that I would have expected a nomination; 25 years ago(ish) I remember a rebuttal to the complaint that Fatal Attraction didn't win for Best Film Editing as the award is for best editing, not the most editing, and that applies here. While silence is used for tension plenty, here it has a different mood: it's about the outcome, not the anticipation of it.

If I have a complaint, it's simply this: NOT NEARLY ENOUGH GRATUITOUS MALE NUDITY. They're athletes, they are in a locker room, and yet there wasn't a single jock-strapped male ass to be seen. That's a substantial failure from my perspective.

I don't think it will win any of its 6 nominations, although Best Adapted Screenplay is probably its best shot (I think The Descendants has that locked up). Anyway, one of my favorites of 2011, but then I've seen like 7 movies from 2011.

If you don't count porn.

The weekend in photos

First up, Alec Mapa's son attacking him--he posted this to the Twitterz. I don't really know what show Alec was on because I watch a lot of CBS sitcoms, and they don't have any... colored (I just watched The Help and I know this should be whispered) actors aside from that brown boy on The Big White Bang Theory and that old black man from Saturday Night Live on Two Broke White Girls (it's set in Brooklyn, so have a single black cast member was probably required, not like shows in Manhattan).

Actually Alec is Asian (spoiler alert: not his biological child--technically he's Gaysian), funny, and fabulous, but he is not, I am just learning this now, the guy from Entourage. He's not Turtle from Entourage. (CUE: "The More You Know" animation)

Men in Speedos (or possibly poker chips)

Leland sent this from the BIG EAST Swimming Championships in Pittsburgh this weekend, where his niece competed for Notre Dame (go Fightin' Anti-Contraceptionists!). ND's men's team won the championship while the women's team lost to Louisville (look at me, talking sports).

Bill Bass,
Notre Dame swimmer/Speedo rocker
Oh look, here's why I'm writing about sports knowledgeably: 2012 BIG EAST Men’s Most Outstanding Swimmer Bill Bass from Notre Dame.

Note to Leland: this is how one ought to take a photo claiming to be men in speedos.

Note to John: although you can't see ANYONE'S feet in any of them.

Dyan Cannon's corpse looks awful
And finally Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live on March 3. Of this year, 2012. My guess is either the fact that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are considered quasi-serious candidates (Mittens will do well on Dancing with the Stars, by the way) has created a desire for more inexplicable career revivals (I wonder if the musical guest will be Third Eye Blind or Arrested Development), or whoever has been lining up the recent musical acts got promoted to booking the host (if Dane Cook hosts soon, we will know that was it).

Song of the Day: "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites"

From last Sunday's Grammys comes 3-time winner Skillsaw (this will never get old) Skrillex and this, his Best Dance Recording winning song (Skrull Wars he also won Best Electronic/Dance Album and Best Remixed Recording (Non-Classsical) [and no, there isn't a Best Remixed Recording (Classical) category] for remixing a song by Benny Benassi who himself had won a few years earlier remixing Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" [but in 2008, not 1988]). Congratulations to Skrillex, and I will try to ease up on the name...

Song: "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites"
Artist: Skrillex