Thursday, November 29, 2012

Song of the Day: "Taking Down the Tree"

Previously, in the War on Christmas, Christians co-opted existing Pagan holidays focused on the winter solstice and made them about Jesus, going so far as to rebrand the evergreen boughs used to decorate for Saturnalia as a CHRISTMAS TREE (not a holiday tree, bitches). It's almost like Bill O'Reilly has no sense of actual history.

That couldn't be right though, could it?

Anyway, even the Pope is all "well, it may not be December 25th at all" (cause, you know, it's not addressed in the Bible, date-wise, but God did make it clear he wasn't thrilled with people decorating with trees [Jeremiah 10-1 to 10-5; Minestrone 2-4 to 2-7 (one of those is real)]). In Jesus of Nazareth -- The Infancy Narratives, a title that does not at all sound like it was developed by some book sales-focused editors, Pope Benedict 16 (I can read Roman numerals, but not everyone can, so I'm single-handed-ly going to move the world away from using them) attributes the error to a blunder by a sixth century monk and not a craven maneuver to annex new followers through crass appeal and confusion (much like Republicans did when they nominated Sarah Palin, trying to pick up Hillary supporters unhappy with the anti-colonial Kenyan who won the nomination with all his hopey/changey bullshit).

And then something else happened and now everyone is making Christmas albums. Did we talk about Scott Weiland's Christmas album? No? You got off easy. Who's jumping on the bandwagon this year? Rod Stewart, Lady Antebellum, Olivia Newton John & John Travolta, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, an American Idol runner-up and others. One of those others is Tracey Thorn.


Between her and Sufjan, I'm hitting holiday music way too early for my own sanity.

Tracey covers "Hard Candy Christmas," a Dolly Parton song from the movie version of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas that I adore. Now if I can just get "We Need a Little Christmas" (from Mame) more exposure, my work will be done. But I opted for this track, a cover of Low, because it includes Green Gartersnake (possibly not his actual last name) from Scritti Politti. How's that for nostalgia this week: Dexys and Scritti Politti. And we're not even done (although I think we are).

Song: "Taking Down the Tree"
Artist: Tracey Thorne/Green Gartside

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