Friday, November 30, 2012

Song of the Day: "Take Us Alive"

I don't recall how this new track from Stillwater OK's Other Lives crossed my path. Listening to it a few times this morning had me convinced that it wasn't via radio--the musical qualities that make me really dig it don't hold up well in a typical radio set. Subtle rhythms, ambient orchestrations, a slow build, this is coffee shop music, maybe a sex scene in an independent movie. Not radio. Unless it was and managed to catch my attention (always an iffy proposition, unless shirtless dudes or new electronics are involved).

So check it out in isolation. If you play it between "Call Me Maybe" and "Pound the Alarm" I doubt you'll remember it.

Mind the Gap, their recent EP, includes new remixes of older songs (by Thom Yorke [I know!]) and new tracks like this one... I know you were wondering.

Song: "Take Us Alive"
Artist: Other Lives

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