Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Song of the Day: "She's Got a Wiggle"

Obscure reference
I was a little surprised to find Dexy's (no apostrophe?! ever!!!) Dexys Midnight Runners on MOJO's Top 20 Albums of 2012 list because, you know, they're Dexy's Dexys Midnight Runners. Do they even exist any more? (Spoiler alert: yes they do, but only since a 2003 reunion--my cynicism failed to account for the lucrative reunion tour.) Welcome back to relevance Mick Talbot!

MOJO ranks this between The Black Keys and Leonard Cohen as the fifth best album of 2012.

As the list is comprised of a lot of stuff I was unimpressed with, it's entirely possible the people at MOJO are just fucking with us. Also the band is called Dexys now (no apostrophe), so MOJO editors (if they exist) are sleeping on the job. 

Dammit, Dexys would have been a great name for a boutique research firm. Maybe Dexus.

I assume they will be at the Clark County Fair next summer, either performing or working as carnies.

Song: "She's Got a Wiggle"
Artist: Dexys

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