Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Song of the Day: "Lord Knows"

If things continue like this, I will eventually remember that I like Dum Dum Girls a lot.

I confuse them with Vivian Girls (but not Vivian Vance) because I'm superficial enough to see ____ Girls and assume it's the same band.

Indigo Girls are grandfathered in and exempt.

Dixie Chicks, that was smart. Dixie Girls would have also been thrown into the melange.

Anyway, this is from their new EP End of Daze and it's got a great Mazzy Star-ish feel that fits the cold rainy weather we're having (colder and rainier than typical, but no hurricanes, so hooray).

Song: "Lord Knows"
Artist: Dum Dum Girls

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