Friday, November 16, 2012

Song of the Day: "¡Corre!"

Jesse & Joy had a big night at the Latin Grammy's last night (but look who I'm telling this to, I'm sure you were watching) picking up 3, including Record of the Year (the article says Recording of the Year but something tells me Yahoo! News is wrong) for this song.

Since the Latin Grammys don't seem to ameliorate any of the hundreds of awards in the Latin category at the actual Grammys I'm sure they'll win an actual Grammy as well... OMG, Liza, learn to speak Spanish! It worked for Sheena Easton! How long before the Latin Tonys or the Daytime Oscars?

I have nothing to do with this song.

Meanwhile, if you heard "shirtless FBI agent" in any of the reports of General Patraeus you might have been disappointed that I didn't have anything for you.

Now I do.

You're welcome.

Jesse & Joy, see you at the actual Grammys.

Song: "¡Corre!"
Artist: Jesse & Joy

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