Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maybe we should try to ignore the problem harder, maybe that will work

It is a shame that Mittens and Paul Ryan go away without fully explaining their budget plans (who has that kind of time when there are 4 hours of Kardashians on the TV?!) because I don't know what magic incantation they planned that would have made tax cuts yield job growth (since 10+ years of tax cuts have not, in fact, created jobs). More eye of newt perhaps?

US Fiscal Cliff, CBO projections

At the end of the year, the country faces a scenario where temporary tax cuts expire and notable spending cuts across many departments will happen. In the illustration above it's a continuation of the blue line (higher is bad in that illustration). If you've ever complained about how things are ruining the future for your kids, you want the blue line... for the children.

The gray line is what's likely to happen because America can't ever take responsibility for its bad habits. We'll hit the snooze button again, continue with the "temporary" tax cuts despite the fact that the unicorn fuckers job creators who benefit most are actually off-shoring more jobs than ever. All that 1% stuff that the smelly Occupy people go on about? That's a validation that the unicorn fuckers are doing way better than ever. They are fucking some expensive unicorns and they can afford it.

The middle class? That's becoming a quaint notion.

I am sure Congress will hit the snooze button. I am sure the "temporary" tax cuts will continue.

The same thing is repeating with businesses who were expecting Obamacare to be overturned by the Supreme Court or for Obama to lose and Obamacare to be repealed. "Oh, you mean we have to comply with the law?" 

I am sure businesses will get 6-month extensions. It's possible when forced to actually participate the appeal of universal healthcare (which, technically, America spends enough to pay for already) will grow. Or not. We make a lot of bad decisions, individually and collectively. Did I mention the Kardashians?

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