Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Elephant Watch 2012!!!

One of the best things about living in a smaller city (or a really big small town, as Portland seems to be) is the tone of local news stories. I've seen live reports from outside a Target where a woman's purse was stolen out of her cart, and from a parking lot where someone had been hit up for money from someone with car problems only it was the exact same story from earlier in the week (apparently the beggar didn't recognize the beggee as a previous mark) and there was concern that some people asking for money might be scammers. I know. Why that didn't earn a Peabody is beyond me.

Vancouver WA's
Lance Bade
Bronze medal &
3-time Olympian
Still, it's wonderful that regional athletes get as much attention as non-regional gold medalists during the Olympics. Single trap skeet shooting, it's a thing.

UPDATE: Apparently there's trap and double trap, so while single trap is a thing, it's not called that thing, it's just called trap.

FUN FACT: Portland-area resident Lance Bade shares the world record in Olympic trap shooting, shooting 125 in a qualifying round. 7 others also share the record, so I'm guessing that's the highest possible score. If Bade is at all narcissistic he may run across this blog post and wonder WTF he has to do with baby elephants.

So the local news teams are LOVING the pending birth of an African elephant at the Oregon Zoo (my attempts to rebrand it as ZooOregon didn't pan out). After all, there have only been 28 elephant births at this zoo in the last 50 years. Yes, it's an every 2 years or so thing, amazing! [NOTE: Maybe they meant at all zoos in the country, but that's not what they said. But it's definitely been a few years since the last round of baby elephant watching.]

The real story is that they sell the babies to be turned into Ivory Soap, but no one ever reports on that. Where's Donald Trump when you need him? (Rhetorical question, no one ever needs Donald Trump.)

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