Sunday, October 7, 2012

Song of the Day: "Springfield"

It is perfect timing (and not blind luck) that has me posting this track while the final "Treehouse of Horror" episode of The Simpsons is airing (local time) since the title is also (you know what, never mind, I'm pretty sure you've already figured that one out, I don't need another Obviousness Award).

I'll go you one better. Santah, the band behind today's wonderfully rhythmic, shimmering song of the day, opens their tour at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto. Kudos to whomever used that name ("you can't spell Relaxo without relax")! I don't think it was the band, but kudos to the band by association.

Their You're a Lover EP is released October 16, but as a member of the highly influential musical blogosphere (even I find that word pretentious and sad at the same time) I have been listening to an advance copy since last week. I'd never heard of the band prior to last week (I'm not hip to the Urbana, IL scene, it seems), but now that they're in Chicago (the city, not the musical) it's like I see something about them every where I go (not really, but it will make their PR peeps feel good).

If you make it to see them at Rancho Relaxo, Saturday night the 13th, get me a t-shirt. Their tour takes them through the NE over to Chicago (the city, not the band). I'll check them on a western leg. Or if I have a surprise trip to Cleveland this month.

A better blogger might have told you more about the band. But rather than give you a fish I thought I'd give you a URL that tells you about fishing... here you go:

Song: "Springfield"
Artist: Santah

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