Monday, August 27, 2012

Song of the Day: "Amnesia"

No song of the day yesterday. I was shut down from emotional FUCKING turmoil. Too much being yelled at for ALL THE FUCKING HORRIBLE shit I keep doing to people. I'm evil.


I am a nightmare of a person, invoking evil all the time.




Bad. I am a bad bad man.

And you know what? If you give me a rescue inhaler to hold for you for an emergency but I don't recall ever receiving it, and I don't recall EVER acknowledging it, then maybe I have amnesia, like the title of this song.

Or, and this is way more likely, I am fucking evil. Why would you want to live with someone like that?

Oh, side note, fucking AWESOME that Dead Can Dance are back.

Song: "Amnesia"
Artist: Dead Can Dance

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